why “good phat”

All my life I have hated the “f” word –

f a t ….

Although I was it, I never called myself it, and still to this day hardly use it. I like the play on the meaning of the word phat – phat being something cool, positive, sexy even (see wikipedia link below). I also find the whole notion of “good fats” and “bad fats” in our diet an interesting one, and since I’m curious about what is “good” and “bad” for our bodies (if that even exists – a moral dilemma I shall be writing about soon) i decided to title this  blog as a play on these confusing terms for the person trying to lose weight, to be repulsed by bad fats they once comforted in, but at the same time embrace the “good” ones.  An urban blog about eating right is slightly controversial title in my mind – and I’m thinking about changing it in fact. I believe that the weight loss journey is more then just “eating right” – and I’m not even sure that eating “right” is even a real thing… but I do strongly believe that the way we eat and what we eat is a good starting point in re-educating ourselves about becoming healthier. For me, it was the eating that changed first, and the healthy lifestyle that naturally followed.

English Etymology

The term derives from African American Vernacular English as a deliberate misspelling of the word fat.


phat (comparative phattersuperlative phattest)

  1. (slangexcellent
  2. (slangsexy
  3. (slangmusicrich in textureprominent
    The song has a phat bass line.



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