So Fabulous!

I’m having one of those amazing days that I wish would never end.

I got some fantastic news about my health this morning from my Nurse. I don’t want to bore this blog with all the details of my health history, but I basically went through a bit of a rocky patch last year that spurred me to lose the weight in the first place. 31 lb later and I have essentially reduced over 15% of my body weight and have exceptionally wonderful blood results, and blood pressure, all within normal range. I told her I hadn’t done much at all to cause such a change, but really, I have.

I am so much more active then I used to me,

i walk to and from work,

I swim,

I do zumba,

i do aqua aerobics.

I eat smaller portions.

I track what i eat.

I eat low GI foods that release energy slower leaving me fuller for longer,

I don’t eat any processed foods or sugars anymore.

I eat lots of vegetables, fruits and protein.

I do not drink alcohol, and rarely caffiene.

I have not been to a fast food place since Christmas 2011 – this as someone that used to frequent KFC/BurgerKing/Kebab shop/Domino takeout more then twice a week (!)

It is days like this that I realise although I have a long way to go, i’m reminded of how far I’ve come. I was really lacking in energy last night and I thought i couldn’t carry on in this weight loss journey – but I went for a leisurely 30minutes swim to clear my mind and a lovely Italian dinner with my Husband.

I now have so much motivation – and am deffo going to run that 5k in July ! you know why? because I am FABULOUS!

To celebrate the good news, I treated myself to some new make up at MAC, a gorgeous grrr leopard print light scarf from Zara, and a cute happy yellow cardigan from Banana republic πŸ™‚ retail therapy IS the best therapy in town!


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