Good phat & Good sweat

hi everyone,

Just want to thank you for following me in the early stages of re-inventing my life starting from the grass roots of treating my body as a temple and focussing on my diet and my exercise. My attempt to “check myself before I wreck myself” πŸ˜›

Although I have been blogging for a while (on the weightwatchers website) I am new to wordpress blogging so it is taking some time for me to orientate myself and make my little page as user friendly and appealing as possible. Please bear with me, I am, like this blog, a work in progress.

I’ve tried to make it easier by having two blogs that are intricately linked , my own ying and yang – good phat is all about healthy eating and my journey on losing weight. I will be focussing more on discovering new foods, recipes, and philosophies on weight – whereas good sweat is the sister blog, looking at losing and maintaing weight through exercise and improving fitness. On that blog you will see all sorts from reviews of exercise classes, to my journey running my first 5k and beyond! In fact I have just uploaded a new blog on goodsweat, going into detail about my new creation the “alpha female phase” beginners strength workout. Please have a look via the tab above called “good sweat”. Later I will make sure I have added the link back to “goodphat”

if you do get lost in cyberspace, here are the real easy to remember links:


All of this is happening in the Urban jungle that is London, with limited space, time, and money.

My only promise is that I promise to keep it real on the blogs, as my friend said to me “you gotta live the rough with the smooth”. There will be tears, tantrums, and tired asses that cannot be bothered with this! but whatever my state of mind I promise I will blog and be honest about it. I’m not perfect, but nobody is, so I hope you will walk with me on my journey to Goal.


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