filling the silence

Hi everyone.

I apologise for being so quiet this last month or more. Life just ran away with me for a little while! Lots on at work, plenty of badstress (and badphat!)… had a bit of a wobbly with regards to my healthier lifestyle pledge but I’m back to basics and feeling much better about this journey. We went to Thailand on holiday and really needed 2months rather then (less then) 2weeks of travelling ! but it was an amazing experience, amazing food and just a great space to recharge the batteries.

I have had some time out to think about blogging and what I think is best for goodphat/goodsweat. I realise that its very wordy and no pictures! i will deffo start to put some up now! also as I am really crazy busy with work and exams, I will be doing my best to update the blog once a week (a Sunday).. this not only works out better for me, but it also means less waffle for you, as I will have a whole weeks worth of juicy blogging to distill into a worthy read! Hopefully when things calm down I will be able to blog a bit more but for now I’m going to be doing a Sundays best 🙂

love ❤



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