Lazy Sundy

Hi everyone

Oh its sooo good to finally have the weekend, and finally have Sunday. Life has been really hectic the last couple of weeks since we got back from Thailand, and only now am I feeling that I’m recharging my batteries and getting the rest I need at home.

Today I’ve just been tidying up the study in preparation for the new wifi magic printer soon to join us. The new addition was the kick i needed to clean up the mess. I hope that the “clean desk clean mind” mantra will help me with my postgrad exams! i have two big ones coming up after the summer, so I’m really pushing myself to do the best I can. i have failed once before, and I just need to get my exam technique in check (its Multiple choice style) and go for it !

Call me slow but just figuring out how to put pics on my blog…. easy peasy! will deffo make it less wordy and more pics as I develop my blogging.

Things are going well with regards to healthy eating and exercise. Got myself some spanky Nike running tights yesterday, they are fierce! I can’t wait to go out in them. I also got a matching top and tights with fluorescent yellow detail set which I will be using when I dare to run out in the real world!

Anyways better get back to studying…bore



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