The long not so thin line

I am currently blogging from my iPhone queueing for my weightwatchers weekly weigh in. I am by no mean its biggest fan, but I know for a fact that for many many years of my life I kept saying I would lose weight but never did. This weekly weigh in, as cringe worthy and embarrassing as it is I do it to keep me accountable to myself and the person that weighs me.

Standing on scales in front of someone else is a powerful thing.

I am very sweaty and stinky fresh from a gym work out . I wonder if the people around me can whiff it. I certainly look the part in my Janet Jackson tour tshirt, my Nike running tights and some blue brogues. All I need is a shopping trolley with my belongings and I’m officially trampesque.

I don’t have any pictures relating to any of this but here is a nice one from my growing album of goodphat food pics. This is “olives on ice” from Jamie’s (Oliver) italian !



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