My first ever 5k – a mile by mile reflection

I know I said I will take a break from the blog, and I am, sort of… but I couldn’t leave without documenting in detail the whole reason this blog came into existence – the amazing race for life 5K I did 8 days ago! I don’t know why it has taken me so long to write this, but I just needed a bit of time and space to get my thoughts together because it has literally been a whirlwind of emotions before, during, and after.

I was seriously doubting myself the days before the race. My training hadn’t gone to plan, and I was nowhere near where I thought i would be come July. I had invisioned I would be a size 12, completely tiny running in a bra top effortlessly in half an hour – er – no. Not quite.

I was certainly smaller, but by no means had i dropped 3 dress sizes in a month! I realised that I was unrealistic in my expectations – and unfortunately I had not trained the way I wanted to. I wanted to complete the C25K program, but my OH had his own method of strength training and that “the running would come naturally” – He was right in a lot of ways, the weight training gave me a lot more muscle power and stamina, but I lacked on endurance and confidence in the art of jogging let alone running. I was, frankly, petrified.


The day was really emotional – I never thought I would ever be entering a race! there were literally thousands of women there, of all ages, races and abilities. I saw a lady with crutches, with her pink t-shirt and running number and suddenly realised this was a lot bigger then me and my fears. My mother and husband came for support and stood in the pouring rain as I limbered up. I am so thankful to both of them as they are my best friends and their support meant the world to me. I have people in my life I considered my “close” if not best friends, but as you can tell from my bitter sleep deprived previous post – they did not even bother to send a text to wish me good luck let a lone come and support me in one of the biggest days of my life. At the moment I’m all about people who walk the walk, and sick to death of the talkers. No more rants, I swear!


I had all my tracks ready that I made the night before on my shuffle, however at the starting line I got confused with the nike+ and it really irritated me the first minute or so I couldn’t get it to work. I finally managed to get onto my playlist and I got into a comfortable stride for about 10minutes. I did not last long, and I broke it down into a fast power walk, something i did for most of the race. I got lactic acid in my calves which suprised me – it burned – and I wanted to stop before I got to my first mile.


The one thing I promised myself inspired by sheryl yvette NYC BLOG – jog, run or walk if you must – but never stop moving

I kept the pace and broke ย back into a gentle jog when I could, but never lasted more then a minute because of the pain. It was around the 2mile mark, and Florence and the Machine “the dog days are over” came on. I was power walking by a beautiful lake with swans, with the rain pouring down on me:

I was crying and running at the same time! thoughts of my parents, my family, my unborn children flooded my mind. I remembered why I was doing this, why I was sweating, why I wanted to achieve this so badly. I thought about my past failures, all the time people told me I was fat, lazy, lethargic, and could never finish anything, ever. I thought of all the sports days, of all the PE lessons straggling behind at the back of cross country. I thought of failed relationships, failed friendships, failed exams… all of my dog days. I realised that the “dog days” are well and truly over – and I could not carry all that heavy load and baggage if I wanted to survive. I can’t run, jog or walk my life with those issues and ghosts of my past weighing me down. What I thought of myself, the old me, and what others still think of me, as the old me, doesn’t matter anymore. I saw myself in the future, running with a purpose, running for health, for weight loss, for a new life, for a new start and a new beginning. For love, for love for myself. My legs picked up pace and I found myself back into a strong jog the whole song – no longer in pain but filled with joy, determination, and focus.


Soon around a corner i hit the 3km mark . They had not put any signs for one and two, so seeing 3mile sign was awesome! I was honestly suprised to think I was more then half way, and it deffo gave me a bit of boost. That mile seemed to go pretty quickly, but I found myself getting a bit comfortable in a power walk and not jogging as much (in my mind I was half thinking to save my energy for the last stretch)

I remember the 4th and final Km – people had started to gather around the sides and families were cheering us on. I took off my headphones in one ear to hear the applause. I needed to do this, I needed to hear people cheering us on, and I was in awe that people were supporting us all encouraging us to keep going. There was this one guy, I think he was either drunk or homeless, and he was just so excited! COME ON LADIES, KEEP GOING, YEAH!! YOU CAN DO IT YOU ARE SO CLOSE YOU ARE ALL AMAZING! whether alcohol induced or genuinely excited, it was great to have someone so passionate!

I remember the 500m mark, it was a slight uphill incline and i could see the finish line faintly in the distance, it was phenomenal ! I felt like that scene in Forest gump when his leg braces snap off and he can’t stop running… out of no where on my shuffle my “power song” Wookie battle came on “everyday is like a battle, but we will overcome” it has a fab beat that kept me going forward and before I knew it my legs had a life of their own and I was SPRINTING the last 400m, dodging and weaving inbetween tired runners to make it to the finish line!!!!!!


I WAS SO FAST that my family completely missed me shoot past, and couldn’t get the picture coz I was too much for the shutter speed lol! My mum was still expecting me to walk through like 20minutes later ! lol!


I finished the race in 50minutes – which his not bad considering I am a walker/jogger and I didn’t even prepare or do a 5k before that!!! I am completely hooked now on the feeling and adrenaline of the races, and I will be coming back next year to actually jog the whole thing!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ it was an amazing experience ๐Ÿ˜€ I would recommend ANYONE AND EVERYONE to do it – you will never ever regret it !!!






7 thoughts on “My first ever 5k – a mile by mile reflection

  1. themovingmuncher says:

    I loved reading this (almost one year later ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) especially as I’m tackling my first ever ‘race’ (I like to think of it more as a ‘run’ to help the nerves ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) next week, gulp! Reading this makes me want to embrace the whole experience and just RUN! Lovely lady, I know I sound like a broken record, but are you definitely not going to do another Race for Life this year? It seems like you gained SO much from it ๐Ÿ™‚

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