Sunday Musings

Hey everyone

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. All Eyes are on London for the Olympic Games 2012 and there is a real buzz in the air – practically everyone I know has been involved in some way or was at the opening ceremony or has tickets, it is awesome! The old me was never that bothered about sport or exercise, and would much rather switch the channel and mindlessly eat watching friends re-runs… however since I’ve been striving to get fitter I have a new found appreciation for all athletes! We unfortunately could not get hold of tickets for any of the sold out olympic events (don’t let the empty seats fool you) but we have fab tickets for the para-olympics! I have tickets for the mens wheelchair Basketball quarter finals, and the final heats of the para-olympic swimming day! CANNOT WAIT! I am even more so in awe of the awesome para-olympians that are so brilliant despite their disabilities – they are true champions to me and I am sure I will be in tears when they crown the winners! I am also excited that I have a chance to go visit the olympic park so watch this space I will be posting my day on my blog for sure πŸ™‚

Yesterday we drove up to Nottingham for my cousins Wedding. It was a fab reunion to see all my cousins again. He married a Punjabi Sikh girl, and I had never been to a Sikh wedding before. The religious ceremony in the temple was beautiful yet simple with so many vibrant colours, and then the reception in the afternoon was just one huge party! I got my groove on the dancefloor dancing to some old school music which I just LOVED. I was so tired from a heavy week of work and studying, so it was a great sense of relief to let go, and when they played this song I just went mad as I had not heard it in over 10 years!!! I love all types of music from dance to chill out to jazz and alternative but sometimes oldschool just hits the spot for me as it reminds me of my growing up years!

Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera so no pics! but my brother took some on his amazing SLR so looking forward to getting a few of the copies πŸ™‚

Unfortunately my weightloss journey has been far from perfect the last few days – I feel like I’ve been eating loads! I had a bit of a revelation about emotional eating the other day, that I will share soon on Goodphat (it is on my Weightwatchers blog) – but I’m not going to let a few days being off track beat me… I have put a line under it and have mapped out my exercise routine for the next week and determined to stick to it. I am also taking part in a August challenge headed up on the weightwatcher community boards of ‘exercise everyday for 30mins in August”…. basically try and make a goal of doing some sort of activity/exercise for 30minutes utilising all the tools you have at the gym or at home to get 30minutes done a day – whether that is climbing up stairs, doing housework, a zumba DVD or hitting up the Gym. I think it is a great reminder for me to keep active – it is really important for my health and I should not have an excuse to be so sedentary!

How do you guys fit in exercising and eating healthy into a busy lifestyle?Β 

Ok well back to the books!

Hope you are all having a great weekend xxx


One thought on “Sunday Musings

  1. sonja@vesenmork says:

    I’ve already mentioned some things about the eating, so let’s focus on the exercising. I currently don’t run anymore, but I find that running/jogging is the ideal sport for busy people. You’re not stuck to schedules, places and so on. You can just go out when you have the time. Of course, it does take a bit of willpower to go out. If the wheather is bad or if you are really really busy, it’s tempting to skip a running session. Flexibly following a fixed schedule (I followed a podcast-thinghy called “start-to-run” very well known here in Belgium) or running with a partner so you have to go, makes it a bit easier. But in the end just find something you really love to do.

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