Bangkok babe

Oh I’m so happy! I managed to get the wordpress app working from my iphone and ipad device (for now) which means I can use my instagram and pictures for my blogging again – hurrah! to celebrate this is a picture of me in the rooftop pool overlooking Bangkok. I love this pic because I was so happy and chilled out and rocking a bright blue turquoise swimsuit! Miow!



2 thoughts on “Bangkok babe

  1. sonja@vesenmork says:

    wow Bangkok! When did you go?
    I love travelling too, but I’ve only discovered this passion recently, so I haven’t seen that much of the world yet. My parents were always the ‘same appartement in Spain every year’ type of people – and I surely loved my summers there – but since I have had the chance to travel a bit giving lectures as a PhD student, I discovered a real love for the more adventurous destinations.

    1. poshpiggy says:

      heyhey! we went a month ago, it was a great trip & we travelled down to Hua Hin, an old colonial style fishing village for a few days – was lovely! i really want to go to Japan – that is on my wish list!

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