Healthy food *haul*

Today I had to go for a routine blood test, and after the nurse pricked me about like a pin cushion my Husband and I decided I deserved a little treat, so I spent some time in Town treating myself to some lovely health foodie things… so many things in fact, that I have now devoted the corner top cupboard to my “healthy-happy”kitchen cupboard. I just have to open it to smile, as it grows and grows with lots of lovely things.

So the things I bought today include

  • Matcha green tea Powder (with bamboo whisk!) I have been researching about Matcha for a while, and I am pretty convinced about its health benefits – plus its lovely and green and will go nicely in smoothies 🙂 I remember going to a lovely tea shop in central London a few years ago where I had matcha ice cream and I thought it was phenomenal.
  • Pitted dates and prunes
  • Whole Hazelnuts
  • Green&Blacks intense dark Cocoa powder (I am hoping to make a no bake dense chocolate brownie with the date prunes and hazelnuts) i wanted to get raw cacao but I chickened out as I think I need to do some more research on it
  • Kallo beligian dark chocolate ricecake thins… they are only 55calories (1Propoint for Weightwatchers followers) each and HUGE the size of a coaster and so super tasty! i think I’ve found my healthy afternoons choco-fix
  • Pureed Apple no added sugar – yes baby food but it was cheap and I’ve seen it in plenty of recipes as a sugar substitute
  • Agave Nectar Liquid “honey” – low in GI and I hear good things
  • Cashew nut butter
  • Almond nut butter – my first tentative steps away from standard PB! as inspired by Laura@keepinghealthyandstylish !


I didn’t intend to buy everything at once but it just so happens I was in the store and thought I might as well since I am busy with revising for exams and I know I probably won’t be going this type of shopping for a while until after my exams. I feel very happy I am kitted out with healthy food and alternatives, I just have to get cracking experimenting using them in my diet.


I have already made a quick matcha tea sweetened with a squidge of agave (ooo get me) I should do a proper review with pictures on it soon when I have some time.


What are your favourite health food treats/splurges? What healthy find can you not live without?




4 thoughts on “Healthy food *haul*

    1. poshpiggy says:

      Thanks! The almond butter is an unusual taste, not as sweet as regular PB! But I think I need to try it in context to really appreciate it.

      I made the raw brownies, similar to the naked bars! But I used all pitted dates (no prunes) which I regret now because makes the Glycaemic index high as hell! Just have to have tiny lil bites of goodness instead & I suppose still better then regular processed sugar?!

  1. sonja@vesenmork says:

    nice haul! I love raw cacao powder. you should really try it next time. I always go a little crazy in the health food store, wanting to try everything. So I have loads of superfoods, powders, healthy sweeteners etc. hiding in my cupboards 🙂

    1. poshpiggy says:

      Thanks! I was wondering do you know much about dates ? I have read conflicting information online regarding their Glycaemic index – I want to know if it will affect blood sugar levels because my raw brownie recipe is full of them! Oops!

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