New beginnings, fresh starts

I am feeling quite positive at the moment. It is my first day at my new job and as part of my training I am on a rotation every six months for the next year. I have my new handbag the coveted plaited shopper from
Zara, make up done, my curls straightened and a nice vintage inspired dress on – I feel well presented and professional which is a great feeling.

I mention this because I was last working in this department when I first started 2years ago. I was morbidly obese then and I took little care over my appearance to the point my self esteem was so low I did not bother most days to wear make up or look in a mirror. There were times I was confused with being a client which as a professional is a no-no!

I have come a long way since then and I feel as I become more senior in my role with more responsibility my image and appearance (which is directly related to my confidence) is a big factor in my overall ethos and lasting impression. I look better in myself, which means I feel better in myself, which means I interact with others better because I have more pride and self confidence in myself.

I love new beginnings. This following academic year is a big one for me – I have my final postgraduate exams and interviews for specialist training too. I want to also reach my goal weight which according to my BMI would mean a loss of 6stone! It will mean a lot of hard work and determination but I am focused on changing my life around and achieving my goals. 6 stone is my ultimate aim so it may take me 2/3 years of slow and steady weight loss to achieve but I know I am capable of doing so as I have lost two already πŸ™‚

As you know I currently follow weight watchers because it had and is working for me as a foundation to train myself on eating better. I have to work on my evening meal portion control but I am focused and I know I can do it

I am also taking part in a mini August challenge to try and do 30mins of exercise a day for the month. Whether it be climbing stairs, gym, swim, walk, zumba or a DVD !

I didn’t have a great week food wise last week I fell off the wagon big time so today is all about returning my focus and planning tracking my meals again and pledging to make healthier food choices. Like I love to say I just draw a line under it and carry on


Day 1:
Activity – C25K interval jog/walk at gym
Dinner – breaded haddock fillet with veg And small portion mixed rice
Song of the day – red face by Lucy Rose


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