My A/W 2012/13 Fashion Haul


Lets face it, Summer is over, to be honest it never really started. Soon August will be over and as ever Cassidy sings so beautifully, the Autumn Leaves will start to fall.

I have to be honest – Autumn/ Fall is my favourite season. I love the moody weather, I love the colder nights and the smell of Bonfire. I love the golden and deep cherry reds of crunchy leaves, and I love the childhood memories of first term back at school after a long summer away (I was one of those kids that *loved* school!)

Although I left school a Long time ago, I still work partly involved in teaching so the Autumn term still remains a new fresh start for me. As I mentioned in my previous blog, now that I’m losing weight I want to dress better and project a confident, put together look.

I went to TKmaxx today, and I never really go there at all to be honest although I do admire their bags collection. I absolutely adore my Zara plaited shopper bag – pictured above – it is a bit awkward to carry because it is so stiff as the leather is new, but I still love it none the less it is quite majestic and I certainly feel very fasionista with it on my arm!

i’m totally loving rich deep colours at the moment, so I went on a very impulsive splurge. I bought this fab navy blue chiffon blouse with high neck collar and gold buttons from FWM (Fenn Wright Mason), and this gorgeous rich terracotta brown silk blouse (from French Connection) with a breast pocket and button detail at the back, so understated but absolutely gorgeous! They are a size 16 and slightly too tight at the moment but a great thing to hang up and aim for im my weight loss journey 🙂 I also bought this lovely printed blouse with tie detail, and a autumny cardigan which fits great and I will be wearing a lot me thinks. I don’t think I own any nice blouses to wear to work, and I’m looking forward to wearing this tops with a fitted pencil skirt nipped in at the waist to show off my slimline yet curvy figure!

The Chanel Glasses I have added as my wishlist gift! I absolutely adore the geekchic look but feel my face is too round and hamster like to pull the off at the moment! They will be the first things I buy when I get to goal as I wear glasses to work everyday

In other news, I have been feeling pretty stressed this week – just work and trying to juggle too many commitments has been getting on top of me. I struggle with finding the time to do everything I want to do, and I think with my perfectionistic traits at time I want to do everything to the best I can be, which isn’t always possible. I wish I could devote my entire life right now to healthy living and weightloss – but then I would probably fail my post graduate exams – but if I devote my whole life to passing my exams, I will probably put on 5stone in stress and have a marriage breakdown! it is really hard to please everyone, and after years of being a complete “people pleaser” i have decided to just take a break and put myself first. My health, and my happiness is paramount. I am constantly trying to achieve a healthy balance of working and exercising but I know I need a bit of help to sort out my daily and weekly routine. I have heard that this book “Getting things done” by David Allen is a life saver – so I will be downloading it onto my Kindle and having a read of it this weekend. It is time I nipped this little problem of mine in the bud!

Anyone have any tips or how to stay organised and multi-task? What is your style/fashion inspiration?



One thought on “My A/W 2012/13 Fashion Haul

  1. sonja@vesenmork says:

    I love the bag! It really is very distinguished. I secretly love the nerd glasses too and even thought about bying something similar. But with such a trendy frame I’m a bit afraid it would go out of style as soon as I put it on my nose. Looks like really beautiful buys altogheter. Please let me now if the book turns out to be good, I could always need some help in that departement too.

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