The vow: getting back on the thin and narrow

HI everyone!Β 

Sorry for being in hibernation during this gross heatwave. As I mentioned a few posts ago I have exams less then 2months away that I’m trying to study for outside of my 9-5, and it is absolute HELL! On a positive note, I’ve decided that I can only do the best I can do, and just give it my all – no regrets this time. I’m easily distracted by the most minor of things (I always seem to have an overwhelming random desire to become a famous make up artist or baking celebrity a month before an exam – talk about procrastination!)

Life in general has been pretty busy too, it seems every weekend of Summer someone is having a big birthday, getting married or having a BBQ – or all 3! Yesterday was my dads birthday BBQ which was soo fantastic. Just a small family affair with my husband showing off his BBQ skills on a rinky dink rusted BBQ set circa 1990 (my dad refused to buy a new one – argh stubborn old man!) My mum made the most amazing non-alcoholic Punch that i just HAVE to share on the blog soon πŸ™‚ I wore a lovely Maxi dress on sale from Newlook with a big wide tan leather belt that I am pretty sure I have not worn in 5 years! Next week is my mother in Laws 60th Birthday so we are having a big family reunion for the weekend – so think I will wear that outfit again πŸ™‚


Now back to the juicy stuff – my weight loss journey



it isn’t wasn’t going great.


I haven’t been able to make a weightwatcher official weigh in in over 2weeks. Very naughty indeed, and I have not been tracking or monitoring my intake in the slightest – in fact I am an excellent example of a weightwatchers girl that actually isn’t really watching her weight. I think I might have gained 4lbs at least, and being pre menstrual I blow up like a hot air balloon (literally) – so I’m feeling very hamster face and unpretty right now. I’m trying to keep it all in perspective (I know I get bloated, I know its only a few pounds if that, and I know with a bit of exercise and getting back on the horse it can be sorted out and its only been 2weeks not 2 years off track). Β I couldn’t believe it but I think my gain also has a lot to do with the change in my job, and my walking quota each day is from door to car – to carpark of workplace. I didn’t realise how my previous daily walking to work (totalling minimum 4miles) really did keep me on an even keel even on non gym days. It was when I swapped the pavement for the car when I had my first major weight gain 2yrs ago – so i REALLY want to combat this in a big way.


What I’m trying to say (in a long winded way) is that I have realised now that I don’t enjoy having a sedentary life like I used to.. In fact, I feel quite uncomfortable and wierd if I haven’t had some form of exercise. I also feel that 30minutes a day 5times a week should be a basic minimum…. I am more and more in the mindset that yes, work and exams are important BUT MY HEALTH IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING OF ALL. I’m so so sick of being unfit and unhealthy and ultimately unhappy. Unfortunately due to self neglect all these years I am straddling the “mordibly obese” bracket and have collected a lot of premorbidities and risk factors for every awful thing under the sun. I don’t want to be negative. I have decided that a daily dose of exercise is going to be my much needed “stress relief” and way to wind down from work before going home – even half an hour or 45minutes of swimming is better then nothing. I am proud of myself for losing 35 lb so far, but at the same time I have been losing and gaining the same stone since the new year, and it is getting very frustrating now!!! and something, somewhere is going wrong in my plan of action to not break through the barrier.


So yes, I am studying, and studying really hard… but I am also going to pay attention to my portion control, to my diet and to my exercise (core strength training alpha phase is what I am missing right now). It just means I have to cut back on other things for a while like my social life – but that is okay. To be honest I am in a place where I just want to *sort it out* and I will do whatever it takes. For most of my life I put other people first, and my needs bottom of the pile…. now it is MY time. 2012 is MY year to get to GOAL! For too many years I always have said “when I finish x exam, or finish school, when I start x job, I will go swimming everyday without fail and gym”…. but as we all know LIFE gets in the way, and there is always some excuse to stop us doing what we want truly want from our lives…. well, not any more.


So I’ve cleaned out the fridge, stocked up on gorgeous healthy food, got my Low GI guides out, got my iphone tracker, put a timetable got a new sweaty betty swimming cap and goggles – I mean BUSINESS! Β I am ready to re kick it starting tomorrow 20th August, taking it one day, one meal at a time.

I’m really going to need some major encouragement!! so Any tips or advice or support you can squeeze out for me please post it below! it would help me soooo much to keep on track πŸ™‚






2 thoughts on “The vow: getting back on the thin and narrow

  1. Laura Agar Wilson (@keephealthstyle) says:

    Oh I think just the fact that you know in yourself how much better you feel when you have exercised is half the battle, as is making your health a priority. What so many people don’t realise is that by making themselves and their health a priority they are making every other aspect of their life better, they are better at school or work, better partner, mother, friend etc. I think you know what to do you just need to focus! and keep eating cashew butter banana wraps πŸ˜‰

  2. sonja@vesenmork says:

    I think what Laura has pointed out is so true. Making your own health your priority will improve your general standard of living, providing you with much more energy and confidence to tackle those other tasks. But it is still a big journey to undertake, figuring out the right balance for you, it doesn’t come in one, two, three. And there’s were the attitude of kindness comes in: to be able to forgive yourself if you mess up, so it doesn’t become a streak, to be able to forgive yourself for not being perfect. I really think you’re in the right state of mind! you can do it!

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