Taking my health by the Horns

Hi everyone

So I have blogged a bit about how the last month or so has been a bit tricky for me, with work being stressful and exams looming my old dysfunctional eating habits have resurfaced.

I am a stress eater – I don’t really “binge” but then I guess it depends what you define as binging really… My normal dinner could be seen as a “binge” to others ! I know I have a tendency, a pre disposition, a habit to eat for comfort in times of stress boredom loneliness sadness and even anger. Anything to “stuff those feelings down” because, of course food has “never let me down”

Until I couldn’t fit into my clothes anymore

Until I was embarrassed to meet up with my friends or go to parties

Until food ultimately ruined my health at the ripe age of 26! Hell 16 really!!


That’s my line! Drawn my line and I’m over it – over being dictated by my old habits that die hard.

This week I’m so proud of myself because I have decided to kick start my weight loss again. I am sick of being stuck at the same weight and a uk size 16-18!

I have created a great strength training work out with kettle bells that I will be trialling tomorrow and I will update you guys.

I am also with my husband going low GI – it is pretty much the way I eat anyway but I am really tightening up and using it to aid my weight watchers and will keep tracking (it helps my portion control)

Anyways after the bank holiday weekend it is all go go go!

No looking back i am sooo pumped up to do this for me!



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