WholeFoods Market Night out & Serious Haulage – part 1

Hello everybody!

I have been *so* excited about writing up this blog! I have been on major lockdown with exam revision and will be spending all weekend at a exam course in central London today and tomorrow (boo!) but on the plus side, the course is just a step,skip and hop or 2 away from the super phenomenal mecca of healthy living… where else but Whole foods market in Kensington!

I have lived in london pretty much all my life, but since I was “allergic” to anything remotely good for me, I avoided “wierd” health food shops like the plague. Only in the recent months have I appreciated this natural beauty on my doorstep, and realise how fortunate I am to have this half an hour away from my home.

So my hubbie got tickets for the paralympics athletic finals with his brother today, so as I knew I would be having a night just for myself after my course tonight I decided to stop off at WFMK on the way to the station and have a little snoop-a-loop, and I must admit as far as Saturday night outs go it was up there with the best of them, lol! I had a fantastic night at the Wholefoods Market in Kensington, London and got lots of goodies to share.

Going into Wholefoods in London is like going to Wonderland, every corner you turn your senses are assaulted with different wierd and wonderful products and experiences. I thought I would some pictures of things that caught my eye

There are many “bars” at Whole foods (including a Wine bar! saw a couple having a date there flirting near manchego cheeses – cute!!) One that I loved the idea of is the Muesli bar. I love just having the space in the congested city to just pick your fresh produce which your shovel. Not far from this station was the “Grain Wall of China London” and may iphone managed to capture only a fraction of what was on show. If you can’t find a grain here, I doubt it actually exists!!

If you haven’t been it is absolutely huge spreading over 2 floors in a fabulous Art Deco building in Posh South Kensington, and it has everything and anything related to healthy living (it even has a “unique cheese room” = ooo). I did a little twirl in glee and behind me I stumbled upon clay pots of lovely spices. It reminded me of my time in the souks of Marakesh for our first wedding anniversary last year! I had to stop myself buying a truckload of rosepetals and ras el hanout!

At this point I did a little moonwalk over to lo and behold the all singing all dancing nut machine! have you EVER seen anything so beautiful!? A little station with nuts that you krank round the level and like magic makes pure nut butter in front of your eyes. My husband and I were talking about nut butters last night (yes, sexy!) and so it was obviously a sign to get some (will be showing all my goodies in part 2).

(note: I won’t lie, WFMK isn’t the cheapest place to get your healthy products by any means, but if you shop around you can get some good deals inside as I did, but for the novelty experience in itself and second to none stock which you would probably have to order from iherb etc then I think it is nice for a treat to shop here)

Then I made my way to the aisles… first stop – Teas!

flipping heck and I thought my local Tesco aisle was special…

When I think of tea, it reminds me of tea time treats…. now where is that chocolate aisle?…. oh… here it is!!!

They even had some freebies to try dotted around the place! this was an acai berry superdrink concoction and the apple concotion was very nice indeed!

I could take so many more pictures, I missed out the deli and cheese zone, the blooming marvelous bakery, and the dining zone too! Maybe tomorrow I will sneak back and take some more pictures… ! Β What I LOVE* aswell is that on the way out is the awesome board of activities telling you all the great stuff going on – it really encapsulate a community feel in a city that a lot of people feel a Β bit alien in sometimes. I know if I was knew to London and wanting to meet new people of a similar healthy mindset I would close my eyes, spin around a bit and point at this board and just do whatever it says !

So i hope you have enjoyed this part one of my little night out in the supermarket lol! I will be blogging part two hopefully tomorrow, going through a a superfoods Haul of the things I bought today. Watch this space !


4 thoughts on “WholeFoods Market Night out & Serious Haulage – part 1

    1. poshpiggy says:

      yay! i just blogged part 2 – when you are next in London please give me a shout I live in Wimbledon can take you to some local healthy haunts too πŸ™‚ xxx

    1. poshpiggy says:

      Emma lovely! when my exams are over I’m going to get yo fine a$$ on a train and i will take you to the homeland personally! πŸ˜‰ just blogged up part 2 up so you can see what I bought. I don’t think I will be able to find the propoints of chia seeds on esource – lol!!!

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