Whole Foods Market Night out and Serious haulage – part 2

Hi everyone!

Am having a well deserved rest day off work to recharge my batteries, and what better then to chill to some Jessie Ware /Red Hot Chlli Peppers and blog updates. As you know from the first part of this blog on Saturday I went to the Whole Foods Market in South Kensington and got a few key goodies I have wanted for quite a while. Life is really busy at the moment and some of them I have bought literally to store in my cupboard until I figure out exactly how and what to do with them! But me thinks it is better to have it then not to have it at all… my “clean living” dedicated shelf is positively exploding !

So without further ado, here is my little healthy food haul (sexy hot limited edition Wholefoods London bag included – what better souvenir from London2012!)

taa daa… !

So in no particular order I bought; spelt flour, spelt couscous, chia seeds, maca powder, fresh churned salted peanut butter some lovely ground coffees, a kabouchi squash and a morbidly obese pak choi.

what to take a closer look? lets go!

nom nomm

1. freshly ground peanut butter

I was a bit overexcited by this grinder that I just had to get some. It tastes frickkin amazing, and a little goes a long long way (spread a teaspoon on a slice of rye and it felt so indulgent!) I accidentally picked up the salted variety, but maybe it was my subconcious trying to seek pleasure wherever it can!

totally spelt bound

2. Spelt flour and Spelt cous cous

As one trying to live a more low GI Jane kind of life, yet not quite able to part from carbs I have been interested in spelt more and more. It is the godfather of all things wholemeal, in the family or rye and other lovely dark nutty grains. I am not an expert really so don’t quote me on that – but I know that it is “good” for me and better then their white counterparts, and I figure if it is in my cupboards I am more likely to use it then not!

chia darling

3. Chia Seeds

Searched high and low for this and lo and behold it was near the baking section! Have been convinced by reading Lauras’ and Jemmas’ amazing blogs that Chia seeds are the way forward so I wanted to try them out ! Still not exactly sure what to do with them but love that they come in a lovely screw tight jar to lock in the freshness – looking sexy in the cupboard aswell as in the bowl – Powpow!

Return of the Mac

4. Maca Powder

Another superfood I have read about and still a bit unsure of what to use in for (especially as I do not make much in the way of puddings/cakes) but I am convinced of its goodphats all the same and happy for it to live on my shelf until it finds its life purpose. Failing that he can be an excuse to bring back the tune “return of the mac”  sing a long in the kitchen….

I couldn’t resist…

Ok! Enough 90s revival we have a food haul to finish people! Won’t keep you much longer !

big and beautiful

5. Kabocha Squash and Pak Choi 

Can’t go to whole foods without picking up some fresh produce! So decided to get a couple of things in season and that I wouldn’t buy in my local supermarket. Stage right a kabocha squash (cute little thing!) and this monstrous massive mega pakchoi! I plan to make a killer stirfry with the pakchoi with some grilled salmon this week, and still undecided about my little orange friend.

6. Coffee!

This was on special offer and cheaper then my local deli so I thought i would buy both, the Grumpy Mule I love and study with by my side, and then taking a chance on the Union fairtrade coffee for “dark insight”. Not sure if coffee can effect insight but will give it a go!

Nakd nakd nakd nakd

7. Nakd Chocolate

Last but by no means least, beautiful scrummy processed rubbish free gluten free wheat free dairy free little bites of chocolately goodphat! They were on special offer for 2 for £1 so i just HAD to stock up! thought I would push the boat out and stry some other flavours to widen my naked repetoire – lovely.

So here endeth my journey across 7 wonders of the world – Whole Foods Market stylee

What do you think of my Haul? Any ideas on how I can use some of these food stuffs? 


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