reflections on losing weight, and gaining purpose

Hi everyone

I’m feeling pretty good tonight. My OH is away for business, so I have the night for girly pampering. Have had a lovely dinner of my own “caesar palace” salad and an M&S count on us spinach canneloni (if you don’t know, you better get to know! its delish and very filling for 300 odd calories) Am now just relaxing to Jazz FM and deep conditioned my curls that were turning slowly but surely into actual dreadlocks! 

Tonight I had my weigh in weightwatchers and I lost an incredible 3 pounds this last week. This is after a summer of gaining weight and being stuck in a complete weightloss rut. I’m now 3 pounds away from my lowest ever recorded weight (on weightwatchers anyways) and feeling very happy as busting this plataeu is very in my grasp. I’m a size 16 UK but I have a long way to go to get to my goal. It has been a slow journey so far, but I’m glad i’m on this bus in the first place! 


I really just wanted to share my thoughts about weight loss tonight. It isn’t easy, and there never is a “perfect” week where we are “on the wagon” 100% of the time making the right choice all the time. Sometimes we fall off, we make the wrong choices, we feel we have lost the plot or lost our spark, and it can be really really hard to get back on it. I certainly know this feeling, and it can strike us at the most unusual times. 

After my 5k race for life in July, 2 months ago now, I was on top of the world. I felt small and pretty impressed with my acomplishment, but after reaching that “goal” of completing the race I let go a bit. I lost my way, I had nothing to aim for now I didn’t have a race to compete for, and the days were longer (meaning more time to eat) in holiday mode. I put on 6 pounds in 2 months, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but the near half a stone was the difference between me feeling content and me feeling uncomfortable. I lost my new found dimples, and clothes started to feel tighter and I was slowly but surely unraveling all the hard work I had put in to lose weight in the first place.


What I have learnt in this last week is that everyday we have the power in us to make choices to guide us to our goal. Whatever your reason for wanting to lose weight, whether it is to fit into your xmas dress, to gain a healthy BMI, or to carve out a new life for yourself… there is something important that encompasses all those reasons and more… I know I might sound quite stupid for saying this out loud but you have to want it and be willing to make the changes day by day, little by litte.

The truth is when I look back on the last week, I realise it was the small changes that added up to the big loss: taking in my own rice cake with chocolate snack pack to the course (instead of eating the mini muffins and cookies on the breaks), waking up a little bit earlier to have time to make lovely porridge with chia seed and blueberries, cutting the baguette in half and not eating the other half, buying small “treat size” cheese/chocolate usually for kids lunchboxes to  give me tiny measured portions for the taste fix (instead on gorging on a whole wedge of cheese), eating that apple instead snacking on white toast with butter on a late shift at the hospital….. 

all these small changes, these MINDFUL changes, fruits of action from thoughts, dreams and desires are what defines you as someone with a goal, on a journey and in the pursuit of it, as opposed to someone who kind of wants to lose 10 pounds some day but doesn’t do anything about it.


I wish you luck if you are trying to get healthy and eat better. please let me know and I will love to support you on your journey to a better, healthier new you!


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