take care of you

*this blog is taken directly from my weight watchers blog which is where I first started blogging. I thought although this isn’t a weight loss site blog, the ethos behind the message is the same, and im realising that the discipline and self control required in weight loss is the same as in all areas of your life… and once you tap into that the world is your oyster!

Hi everyoneI just thought I would post a quick blog before the weekend. How is everyone doing? It feels like I blinked and Spring turned into Summer, and then with another blink Summer is now Autumn. I’m not complaining, I love this time of year – purely because for me eventhough I’m not at school anymore september is always time for a “fresh start” (I have to stop myself buying a new pencil case – lol!)

Speaking of which, maybe WW should hire me as creative director – because their new advert airing in the USofA uses this concept (i thought of it first, i swear!). Personally I love it, Jennifer Hudson looks great (i WANT those trousers) and without going too deep on it, I think for most overweight/obese people (and lets face it wonderful multitasking women) they put their self, their needs and even their own HEALTH last. I love that this advert is so blatant telling you,yes, YOU at home rushing about getting tea ready for your man and the kids,Ā you take care of everyone else,Ā when are you going to take care of you?

Thats why I love weight watchers. It is more then just counting points or pounds down, it is a lifestyle, a self empowerment mantra, a movement, a revolution! it has made me sort out what i put into my fridge, and what i put into my head. What i feed my gut, and what i feed my mind. It has made me re evaluate what i put on my plate, and what I put on myself.

It took me losing 3 pounds to realise it for me it works ( weightwatchers encooperated healthy lifestyle, heating eating and exercise *actually losing 30lb in total so far, but 3lbs in this last week after a summer stuck in a rut!). All summer i was complaining of my STS, stuck in my ruts, and my general Blah-ness. I was a complaining Jane and I would be the first to admit it!!!

I woke up one day and I realised that if there are areas in my life that I’m disspointed with, I have no one else to blame but my self… but instead of punishing myself I decided to transform my life myself! I can’t wait for others to do it for me, or feel sorry for me enough to give it to me.

i will give some simple examples

  • problem: im dissatisfied with my STS/plataeu – im still fat
  • solution: stop talking and start TRACKING – i stuck to the rules, I lost weight.
  • problem: im so up and down, i need to lose most weeks and actually get into the 15s
  • solution: plan for this not to be a fluke so i will KEEP tracking, make a meal plan, do a little coundown/goal to the end of the month/ to Xmas keep looking forward
  • problem: my uni friends are non supportive and not helpful i want to meet new people who share my new interests
  • solution: i stepped out of my comfort zone went to an event i didnt know anyone and socialised with new people and made new friends from it. keep blogging and join groups i like after my exam in 2wks (knitting, swimming, reading)
  • problem: my kitchen is a mess. i should really put the bin out/do some washing up. My desk is a pile of papers. its making me feel so stressed out and feel like a complete domestic goblin not goddess
  • solution: stop thinking – just do it; i put out the bin (2minutes) i sorted out the papers on my desk so its now clutter free (8minutes) i did the washing up and while i was at it cleaned the kitchen (took 30minutes if that once i put my mind to it) kitchen and desk clean and sparkly – now where is my goddess tiara at? šŸ˜‰

Ive decided to reclaim my power of my own destiny. To get back to me. To be kind to myself when I don’t do it perfectly, and even when I don’t do it at all. To do things because I want to and it furthers me mind body and soul – not because i feel i “should” do it for the sake of it or for others.

The truth is I want to be houseproud, to live in a clean home, to have great friendships and to be at goal and have a family- so why am i stopping myself getting it? I could keep telling myself that cleaning isnt my forte, or that I’m not good at housework, or that my old mates are not supportive so whats the point, or iv a rubbish weightwatcher, or im too busy to address any of this – but ultimately what does my negativity achieve? ..

take care of YOU

Ā ā¤


2 thoughts on “take care of you

    1. poshpiggy says:

      hi Sonja how are you? I’m ok thanks. Feeling a lot more positive about my weightloss and healthy lifestyle journey now – starting to make some real differences. I am on study leave i have my exams next week on Tuesday!! so revising and cramming as much as i can!!! how are you? where did you go on holiday? we are hoping to go on a little city break in Europe after my exam next weekend šŸ™‚ xxx

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