Pre Work work out

I have always been a morning person, and after a great 3.5lb loss at weight watchers this last week I was practically buzzing last night and decided i wanted to continue my streak and aim for another loss next week – so I set my alarm, packed my gym bag and promised I would do a morning work out today before work.

And, yes, i DID IT! I didn’t hit the snooze button as usual and I was quite chirpy and semi=smug waltzing into the gym at 7am. I wasn’t alone, there were quite a few more people then I thought there would be, but not overcrowded at all or claustrophobic as the post 5pm mess.

I felt super hot, wearing my nike black running tights, and a fitted Nike sweat workout tshirt – it just seems to hug all my curves in the right places and give me a killer hourglass figure (or maybe I have to accept now I’m losing weight this is the real figure I have, no gimmicks required).

MyΒ tricepsΒ is still sore from yoga strain earlier in the week, so I decided to rest my upper body and focus completely on lower body today. I did 5k on the cycle to warm myself up in 11minutes 55 seconds, which I think is good but i could probably do better (rpm between 70-90 level 2/3).

I then went on to the weights machines and did Leg press 70kg 3 sets of 15 reps. This is a step up for me as the last time I did this in the summer I was only doing 12reps. You certainly feel the burn with 15 which is what I wanted. I then did 30kg on all the leg machines (extensions, raises, adductors and abductors) 3sets of 15. This was slightly easier weight i must admit, and I will probably need to increase it next work out.

I finished off my morning work out with some HIIT running on the treadmill. i reached new speeds by running at 10kmph pace for 1minute (10!!!!!) followed by recovery 2minutes of fast walking 6kmph and repeated this 3 times achieving 1k distance in less then 10minutes (9min 20 to be exact). I’m not so focussed on the time at the moment, but I am happy that I’m starting to run at high speeds now – I previously was only jogging at 5.5kmph as my maximum speed! so this is a huge achievement for me. My aim is to keep this momentum up with the speed, but reduce the recovery period so eventually i can run for 10minutes at 10kmph, awesome!

This work out including warm up stretches and cool down took exactly an hour which was great, giving me enough time to get back home, have a great breakfast of artisan slice of bread with cashew nut butter and sliced up banana (oooo). I start work at 9.30am on Thursdays, giving me a bit of extra time to blog to you and get ready and go!

I don’t think I mentioned it but my goal is to run a 5k, whatever pace, by my 28th Birthday on Christmas Eve this year. I have 7weeks – let us see if I can do it πŸ™‚ What I do know is that working out in the morning is SO BRILLIANT FOR me. I have energy, focus and brightness and I do not feel tired or exhausted like I do after work. My day is now free to do what I like, I am so excited πŸ™‚ I know my husband is more of a workout after work kind of guy, but that really wasn’t working for me (with my shift work) so I need to do this, for me.

Have a lovely day guys, and don’t forget to check out my sister blog where I will be posting more details about my working out to a better me πŸ™‚ xxx



2 thoughts on “Pre Work work out

  1. sonja@vesenmork says:

    Is your birthday on christmas, or did I read that incorrectly?
    I love morning workouts the best too, just feels like a natural time for me to get my sweat on πŸ™‚ but sometimes I like to snooze too πŸ™‚

    1. goodphat says:

      its my birthday on christmas eve 24th Dec! how are you doing lovely – i managed to make it to the gym again this morning so pleased πŸ™‚ xxxx

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