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mmmmint tea

Salmon with super salads

The red cups are here!

New fave breakfast!!

My knit f



Wow! I really honestly do not know where this last month has gone. I have been having so much fun in London town exam free I do not know where to begin! We have been going out lots, watching movies, going on adventures, trying new restaurants, meeting up with friends and family – it has been really great. I feel so much more balanced in myself, but still waiting for my results (argh never ending wait!)


One of the best things that has happened is getting a good routine going for my exercise regime, as well as increased confidence in the kitchen for both my husband and I. I have started working out twice a week in the morning before work, as well as commiting to weekly classes (Will Power and Grace, Zumba) in the evening after work. I have found that if I “promise” myself to do this, every week on this particular day – before  you know it you develop  a weekly routine. It is early days but i have noticed a difference in my figure as well as my wellbeing, and I want this for myself to continue the trend into the festive season and new year.


I have so much to tell you about, and so much to blog about – but unfortunately I do not have the time right this minute!

Here are a few things to look forward to in my blog in the next week or so

– A Srilankan foods haul

– A Farmers Market Haul

– My new found passion – knitting!

– Workout  & gym classes review for the novice (moi!)

– Some tasty recipes/ commuter foodie ideas I’ve been loving lately