Results day

Hi everyone

Well I got my results today for the 2 post graduate medical exams I sat in October (hence my disappearing act from the blogging world)… I’m happy to announce I passed one, but unfortunately failed the other one. I have had the whole morning to sit and digest this, and now feel positive about the future and what it holds. The afternoon exam was really really tough and i didn’t feel prepared for it enough so the results reflect that. 

What this practically means for me is that I have to re-sit the exam in April, which means my training gets extended for another six months. The alternative would have been to pass both and sit the final exam in January. Even if I had passed both today – I really do not feel mentally or emotionally i would be able to cope with yet another horrendous exam so soon in January. 

This year has really taught me so much about myself. I found myself “cramming” weight loss then “cramming” for exams, and instead of a nice ski slope graph for weight loss, I have instead had a staircase pattern. It has showed me that I can, and am able to lose weight when I put my mind to it, but the minute a distraction comes a long (like an exam) or another life stress – everything I have learnt is out of the window with emotional eating habits returning with vengeance,

My aim for the coming year is to marry the two together – to be able to continue to eat healthily and exercise in the light of stresses that come my way. I am not prepared to “put my life on hold” yet another year, just because I have exams or am still overweight. No way! 

Doing my next exam in April gives me time to take stock and focus on what I want for the year ahead, in my career and in my personal life. I have always had this thought at the back of my mind that “maybe i will just start the healthy lifestyle after the next exam” but here I am 10 years later since my A levels, still in the same weight debate crisis. I feel at peace with the mixed results news today – very happy i passed my nemesis paper2, and now onto paper 3.

The only other thing is this blog and blogging in general… it is having a bit of an “identity crisis” and i am not sure what to focus on. I write a blog in the weightwatchers UK community which does talk about my weightloss journey, but I am not sure if it is worth repeating the same on here or not. I am not sure whether to devote this to recipes, to exercise journey, to my lifestyle journey, or even just give it up altogether… there are so many amazing blogs and I really am not sure if goodphat adds anything much or not… 

What do people like most from this blog, those that read it? is there anything you would like to see more/less of? or a particular direction you feel you can see (and maybe I can’t) ?

If anyone has any blogging tips it would be greatly appreciated !



One thought on “Results day

  1. sonja@vesenmork says:

    keep blogging!!! and talk about it all please!! You simply have to with this make over. Is that your smile in the side bar? Just beautiful, and that luscious curling black hair, wow!
    I’m happy to hear you passed one exam and your approach to not passing the other one.
    glad to have you back!

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