Phat kitchen skills

So I, like, totally forgot I can blog from my iPhone now hopefully the WordPress app bug has been fixed! Awesome !

Today’s blog is a quickie reminder about being lovely to yourself and knowing you are okay “just the way you are” (a’la Bridget jones)

I was looking for pictures for the blog through my photos since I have a lot of random “blog snaps” stacked up – and I realised that even though I am not very confident in the kitchen I have in the last couple of months had some almost genius health culinary cuisines all made in the comfort of our old school kitchen.

If I could just continue my repertoire of healthy eats on a more routine basis then I will be much more likely to
Get to my goal weight ! It has realy inspired me that I am Capable of cooking healthy and tasty food.

Examples below include grilled salmon with “cheats” creamed kale&spinach with a tamarind and agave sauce// mega veg stir fry with pineapple // falafel&tahini salad// left over sri lankan chicken curry with whole grain basmati rice and steamed veg// the beginnings of a super wrap with hummus sliced chorizo and deli meats with lots
Of salad//






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