Lifes little stresses

Waterloo Sunset

Hi everyone.

I put this lovely picture of a sunset I snapped walking across the bridge to waterloo station. It reminds me of the time last month the weather changed and we became very definitely crisp and autumnal.

I was feeling a bit low yesterday if I am honest. The last 4 days I overindulged in cakes and treats (namely eating out, creamy pattiseries and homely rice&curries, my comfort food) and it hasn’t sat well in my body. I feel lethargic and tired, and a little stressed out about minor things that I can’t even pin down. I am a little anxious about finances, about work, exams, friendships and family, the housework – the usual things of day to day life that bog me down. I feel a bit lack lustre in my focus and direction – it is all probably just from overdoing it this weekend. I feel that I overate as a result of all the minor stresses adding up subconciously.I realised that I self sabatage – I know I have a mere 3 lb to make my mini goal, but even awknowledging this results in me comfort eating in the little stresses that come my way. It is so easy to get distracted from my goals – I really need to get hold of the reigns again!

I need a weekend to recover from the weekend, dya know what i mean?

The good news is that in a months time I will be going to Kerala on Holiday – We will be leaving on Christmas Eve (my birthday) and staying at a beautiful ayruvedic cottage retreat in the backwaters, coming back on New years day. I cannot wait – we will have daily yoga, meditation and it will be thoroughly relaxing. Just what I need! some time away to take stock and re-evaluate my life goals.

In other news my weightloss journey is going well – well it was until my blow out weekend :S

I have lost half a stone (7lb) in the last 3weeks, just from healthy eating and exercise (I am on weightwatchers). I am pretty sure I will have a gain this week (unless I really pull it back the next 24 hours..) but my aim is to lose another 3 lb before the end of the month. I guess the good thing is that I feel uncomfortable eating too much – I remember the days when this “bloated, stuffed” feeling was normal. I want to be kinder to myself, and it is okay if I’m not “perfect” and slip up from time to time. I just need to dust myself off, and get back on top of it.

How have things been going with you all lately? Does anyone else “self-sabotage” ? what things do you do to overcome it?


One thought on “Lifes little stresses

  1. Linne says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog; I appreciate your following me. I added yours to my favourites (my way of following) as I don’t have time for any more emails. I check the blogs I follow every two or three days, as there are quite a few. I will be adding more to my blog as I go along, too.

    Your quilt looks cool; I like the colours. It’s interesting to read about people’s lives in other parts of the world. I have a friend living in Edinburgh now and I read a lot of books set in Great Britain, too, but following blogs from other countries is a better education for me; more personal and interesting than just books.

    Loved your post about working out in the morning; I’m not a gym person at all; if I had my way, I’d still be chopping wood and packing water; I like my exercise to be part of my daily work. However, I live in a city for now; snow and ice half the year, so not easy walking outside. I was walking at a lake with a friend during the late summer and autumn; now we try to meet up and walk at the mall; that’s had mixed results, as health issues, family issues, etc., have intervened. But we keep working at it.

    So I admire your perseverance; I enjoyed hearing how you felt as you went along and saw results. Thanks for sharing. ~ Linne

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