Listen to your Gut Instinct

Thank you all for your lovely comments and messages from my last blog. I have really taken what you said to heart, and have realised that I need to make my weight loss and health journey work for me. There are certain things I like (eg. sausages, lol) and certain things I don’t (eg. alcohol) and it just made me aware that I need to work out a way of life that suits ME – one persons’ vice is anothers non-issue. I’m not sayin’ I’m going to eat sausages everyday! but what I have come to accept is that my life is BUSY, and there will always be something going on and I need to figure out how to manage my life and my eating habits and not let things get on top of me anymore.

Something amazing I realised in the last week or so is that I like the look of food sometimes more then the taste. I stumbled upon this amazing cafe on my way home one day, and ooo the shop window looked so appealing….

green tea cookies?!
green tea cookies?!
how much is that cake in the window?
how much is that cake in the window?

I lusted over the window display and nearly drooled onto the glass…. I thought that my husband deserved a treat so I bought a slice of the tirumasu cake and a slice of the chocolate and rasberry tart (both which I eventually ate for myself)… it turned out that the cake was a bit too dry for me, and wasn’t what I imagined. In my head, I glorified the cake display, but in reality – it was just a piece of cake, and in no time, the “fun” was over. It was a really good lesson for me about how I should not be eating with my eyes, but I should be listening to my gut (instinct) which was telling me I didn’t need it at all.

50 shades of cashmere
50 shades of cashmere

My crafting obsession continues, as I am learning more and more about knitting, quilting, and my new skill – crochet! I spent the afternoon with my mummy last weekend and she taught me how to crochet and it was brilliant! it is so addictive and easy to do craft on the go. I also finished my first project (finally) the gift for my neice – I will upload a pic as soon as I have given it as it is a suprise and I don’t want to spoil it!…. but I should just say it is *awwwwesome!*

photo (9)

photo (7)

In the last week or so I have been so busy, but at the same time made sure I had some time for myself just to sip on skinny cappucinos and reflect on my life and my health. I realise that I am proud of where I have got to (losing 2 stone and changing my lifestyle completely) but I also know that I have a long way to go. I made the decision this week to not give up. I know that sounds a bit crass/cheese but to be honest I need to make this public declaration. I need to keep going, and to actually make more of an effort to make healthy choices and tackle my self sabotage behaviours. As you know I’m a weight watcher, and this week they are introducing a new iniative updating the plan. It is still tracking the same pro points as normal (where fruit and veg is unlimited – amazing) but it now includes supercharged “planning for places” real life eating behaviour and a tool online to help create healthy routines. It was like someone in the high powers of WW read my WW blog and mind!! it is JUST what I wanted, and needed, some help to get me into a routine/pattern of exercise and healthy eating.

I will end the blog with a pic of me at my bellydancing class last weekend! I don’t have a before pic to show you, but I can assure you that this is the most fit I have looked for a while after losing 30 lb- and I actually have a waist now!

glowing after shimmys
glowing after shimmys

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