Portabello Road Market

Yesterday I had a lovely day at Londons’ famous Portabello Road Market. It has been on my hitlist for absolutely forever, and, being a Londoner, I was suprised even in myself that I had not properly experienced this legendary market in full Saturday Bloom. I was meeting up with a Lovely friend from University, and we spent the whole afternoon talking and shopping, drinking mulled wine!


Notting Hill was ice cold but absolutely beautiful!

I didn’t take as many photos as I wanted to but we had such a great time catching up. We shared some lovely Ghanian street food which was so spicy and delicious! we had lovely rice with peanut butter chicken curry (it is INCREDIBLE) and beef stew with lots of hot sauce!




The Market was open late and full of Christmas Lights and Festivities – Check out the real Holly and Mistletoe!

 I did a little bit of shopping – got myself a lovely shopping bag (good to put my revision folders in for some library chic!) ,



I also got these amazingly gorgeous dove grey leather gloves with a fur pompom – not my usual style, but I fell in love with them at first sight in the cool pop up store, so I just had to had them as it was on my want list for my little trip


 I also got this lovely vintage style necklace – I absolutely adore bows ! and I just had to have it for £5 lovely little find

photo (6)



So it has been a really good weekend!

I had a fantastic catch up with an old friend – I’m feeling so relaxed and well rested after what was a very stressful and near burn out week at work. I have night shifts for the following week, and then one more week until our Christmas Break in Kerala! I am so excited and I cannot wait!

So….  I will try and blog a bit more about this later – but I’ve decided to create myself a challenge –

the Buddha Bowl Challenge !!

I think it is the thing I need to get me back on the healthy track and experimenting with eating healthy foods in my cupboard that I’m too scared to use (grains like quinoa, barley and other exotic foodie things!)

Ok well I have to collect some parcels, and get myself out of my pyjamas and to the gym!


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