Chai spiced Muesli


For the last few days this idea has been in the back of my mind. It even kept me up at night as I dreamt of creatingsomething unique that blends old trusted asian flavours I have been brought up on, with new knowledge from the healthy foodie blogging community.

It suddenly hit me as I was in a rush looking for Christmas presents, queuing for a skinny chai latte in Starbucks. I fantasised about real chai on my holidays past and upcoming trip to Kerala… And then I thought why not bring the spice to my breakfast? Would that be weird ? Maybe …. But there is no harm in trying !

So I created an Asian inspired muesli using flavours that would be common place in any Sri Lankan / Indian home. It started off life as a granola , and could be easily transformed with the right sticky agent, but ended up being a fabulous rich muesli.

I used cashew nuts and pistachios for Sri Lankan authenticity, but any nuts of your choice could be used. I used pitted dates as my fruit but some dried mango and desiccated coconut would be amazing for that real Sri lankan twist!

To give it “chai” style, I ground fresh cinnamon sticks, 4 cardamom pods (even 2 would do – this stuff is lethal!) and jaggery. Jaggery is raw unrefined palm sugar a staple to all Sri Lanakan desserts. It comes in solid “cakes” & gives a lovely dark, earthy flavour – if you can’t get hold of it a muscavado/ brown sugar would be a decent alternative. I watch my sugar intake and found 50g more then enough for this huge jars worth as it as a distinct flavour.

You could just blend all these and store, but toasting takes the elements to their next level, plus, your kitchen will smell amazingly exotically christmassy!

Due to the nuts it’s quite high in goodphat calories (for those on weight watchers it works out as 2pp per large tablespoon roughly 80calories) this is ideal as a breakfast treat on its own will milk, topping for fruit&natural yoghurt, or as a lovely topping for a home made exotic crumble recipe. Mmmmm….



Rolled oats 200mg
Cashew nuts 150g
Pistachios nuts 75mg
Dates pitted 75mg
2cinnamon sticks
4cardamom pods
50g jaggery
1tbsp vanilla extract
50g chia seeds

1. Blend/grind the cardamom, cinnamon and jaggery to form a blended sugar spice.
2. Mix the spiced jaggery with the rolled oats, chopped pitted dates, chia seeds and chopped nuts. Add some vanilla extract
3. Spread evenly on a baking tray (do this in batches) and toast in a pre heated oven 180degree cel. For 15minutes (when you get the smell you will know its ready)
4. Store in an airtight container


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