whassup 2013!


french toast and fresh fruit

Hello lovelies.

I’m back from my amazing trip to Kerala, and I will blog all about it soon I promise (here is a pic of fruit salad and frenchtoast indian style) – but before I do I need to say a few things that have been on my mind…

..Goodphat will be changing it’s format a bit –  in essence it is going to be a weekly blog (likely Sundays) with diary entries on my journey to fitter, healthier lifestyle.

..its going to be about QUALITY, not quantity for twenty13

You may know I write a more regular weightwatchers blog, and “Detoxing” from blogging has become a necessity for me in 2013. There are many reasons why, but one of them being that I need to manage my work life balance better, and until I can do that I will be avoiding “triggers” of procrastination. I get caught up in the online creativity and can become too engrossed in it. i also (still) have post graduate exams, some re-sits, and I need to be realistic about what I can or cannot do, and prioritise in passing these damned exams!!!!

I also feel strongly that if I want to be a part of this healthy blogging community I need to walk the walk, and not just talk the talk (or type the type).

2012 left a bitter taste in my mouth, as I yo-yo’d up and down the same 10lbs all year, and as someone who needs to lose a lot more then that, it was frustrating to say the least. I will feel better about blogging when I’ve made some actual positive changes.

The good news is I am still loving Goodphat, my little babe, and I’m getting into photography and saving up for some new lenses to my DSLR so you will get even greater pics! I will be working with Laura (from Keeping Healthy getting stylish) for the next six months or so to transform my life for the better, something I’m mad excited about !!!

So please stick with me and the changes ahead for the new year

much love always ❤


2 thoughts on “whassup 2013!

    1. poshpiggy says:

      thanks Laura for your support and lovely comment! have inspired me to continue GoodPhat and updated the title “an urban blog about losing weight and gaining perspective” after our chat today 🙂 will deffo share my journey here got lots of goals to talk about now! xxx

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