Why I want to learn to run again

“I was crying and running at the same time! thoughts of my parents, my family, my unborn children flooded my mind. I remembered why I was doing this, why I was sweating, why I wanted to achieve this so badly. I thought about my past failures, all the time people told me I was fat, lazy, lethargic, and could never finish anything, ever. I thought of all the sports days, of all the PE lessons straggling behind at the back of cross country. I thought of failed relationships, failed friendships, failed exams… all of my dog days. I realised that the “dog days” are well and truly over – and I could not carry all that heavy load and baggage if I wanted to survive. I can’t run, jog or walk my life with those issues and ghosts of my past weighing me down. What I thought of myself, the old me, and what others still think of me, as the old me, doesn’t matter anymore. I saw myself in the future, running with a purpose, running for health, for weight loss, for a new life, for a new start and a new beginning. For love, for love for myself. My legs picked up pace and I found myself back into a strong jog the whole song – no longer in pain but filled with joy, determination, and focus.”

Grace, July 2012, reflections of my first 5k blog postMr and Mrs Running Shoes!

…If I needed a reminder of why I want to run again, then this is it – bring on 2013


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