Making excuses (and solutions)

I have been finding getting back into exercise difficult. It has been cold, wet and dark in London and I want to come home from work and curl up in bed instead of go to my gym class. I also have a possible fracture in my hand and awaiting xrays etc but it a bit of a convinient excuse.

Excuses. excuses. excuses. Sound familiar?

I found this super motivating video on youtube – if you can handle the random jungle noises have a watch if you are feeling deflated or needed that new years boost. I’ve summarised the points below, to help all of us crack the demon that is exercise!
  1. create a victory! never saw it like this but making exercise an actual journey, with a beginning, middle and end. Take before/after pics and take pride that you are starting from somewhere, and the only way is up! you are sculpting the body you have always wanted from the lumpy clay of yesteryear!
  2. Make it a priority – in the top 3 of your daily to do list and do not rest until you have ticked it off. If it isn’t your priority you need to ask yourself….
  3. why not? what is holding you back. Why can you succeed at everything but this? what are you afraid of? what are you not letting go of to get you to the goal you deserve
  4. be a radical! you don’t have to do spinning, C25K, or the 30day shred to exercise – find something you enjoy and will keep you coming back, even if it isn’t what everyone else does
  5. be in control of you – take your destiny into your own hands. no one is going to lose this weight for you, except you… and when you do lose the weight, you can be 100% proud of yourself for your amazing achievement which goes beyond the scales

remember why you are doing this in the first place I’m ashamed to say I forgot the benefits of exercise; there are so many but to name a few it boosts metabolism, relieves stress anxiety and beats depression, it gives a sense of control, it helps reduce weight and appetite, make better food choices, stablise blood sugars and hormones levels, gives great glowing skin, gives you much needed YOU time, gives you self confidence and boosts self esteem, makes you feel sexy inside and out, improves your sex life and energy levels, gives you a purpose and an outlet, and gets you closer to whatever your specific goals are (to look great for your birthday party, for your wedding, healthy to have a baby, look better for your childs wedding, makes you confident to be dating again) ….. do i need to go on???

bring on the weight loss journey of 2013 – I’m going to do it!

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