Running & Kaffeine

Hello folks! I had a great weekend and got myself out and about now that I’m making a good recovery. I met up with my cousin for some fresh juice & gossip, and then went into London to meet a lovely old friend of mine. But before I did I just had to stop off at Niketown Oxford Circus and drool over their new Flyknit shoes!

DJ Melody Kane was spinning some serious tunes that got me all buzzy! I just had to take a picture!


The whole atmosphere at Niketown was just really inspiring and motivating. It made me dream of running again, and inspired me that I can and will finish the C25K this year! I have created a personal challenge to be well on my way to running a 5k by the time British Summer Time Begins in 7 weeks ! 🙂


The mens colours are much more interesting then the womens, but at £140 a pop its a serious purchase!!! It is definately on my dream list 🙂 Niketown are also offering a free bespoke “steaming” service where they mould the shoe with steam to the contours of your feet (for wide fitting etc) to allow for a more pleasurable and comfortable running experience.


OH and I just *love* my new 35mm Nikkor SLR Lens! It is bringing a new dimension to my photography and hobby 🙂 It was pouring with rain outside but I was having great fun snapping in Londons’ flagship store.

I didn’t realise it was raining cats and dogs outside so I hopped over to Kaffeine a lovely little find on the backstreets of Fitzrovia. It was packed and had that “cosy steamy windows” feel but I managed to get us a window perch, and we had a wonderful catch up. I got a Skinny Cappucino which was so creamy and dreamy, and a delicious Blueberry and Bran muffin pictured below. I am not a big fan of blueberries (gasp! its true!) but this was absolutely delicious!! it was dense but in a great way… (ps. It is a lovely little quiet date place to hide away from the rain!) 

They have a lovely website and blog




On a personal note guys I’m just in a really good place at the moment. I think I’m accepting the *new* me and life I want to carve out for myself, and my days battling with the old unhealthy me are behind me. I’m excited and motivated by healthy eating and exercise and the buzz of it outweighs the off occasional cravings of crappy comfort processed food. I feel like a huge weight has lifted off my shoulders lately, that I’m not doing all of this because I should do or I have to, but because i want to! … and once you decide it is something you want and who you want to be then it makes a HUGE difference and makes the journey so much more easier.

Love always ❤


2 thoughts on “Running & Kaffeine

  1. Melanie says:

    I love this post. All your pictures are gorgeous! I completely agree with your last paragraph. It’s so exciting when you can finally say, “I’m being healthy/losing weight because I want to, not because I should/have to.” Love it! I fall off the wagon from time to time, but always come back to healthy living because it makes me so happy and feels so much better. Good luck!

    1. poshpiggy says:

      thank you so much Melanie, I really appreciate your kind words! it is scary putting myself out there a bit and saying i want to commit to a healthier lifestyle, as i am sure i will fall off the wagon (and have!) but i want to really make this a part of my life more and more xxx

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