When life gives you lemons…. Make preserved lemons!

Just finished a week a night shifts and indulged myself in reading through my collection of cookery books. I stumbled upon my signed copy of Ottolenghis Jerusalem & suddenly felt peckish for a middle eastern feast!

Unfortunately I didn’t have hardly anything exotic in the cupboards, except 5 lemons left over from the huge crate I bought at the Korean Store a few weeks ago…… And so I thought when life gives you lemons… Make preserved lemons!

It was so simple, cut the lemons deep into quarters but keeping them attached (like little sour stars) and the. Liberally massage with with coarse sea salt. The whole point is you are making a pickle so just rub in as much salt as you can

Meanwhile sterilise a kiln jar or any jar you have ( I collect jars in hope for a day like this..!) there are different ways to sterilise but a simple way is to fill with boiling water, let set for a minute, pour water away and then leave it to air dry.

Then it as a simple but fiddly task of squishing all the lemons into your jar. I realised I had to go a size smaller so they would pack tighter and that the lemon juice would rise to the surface.

Cover again with a little sea salt and then top up with lemon juice if needed. The key is to have all the yellow goodness submerged under the layer of natural juices.

Now just lid up & leave for about 4weeks, turning occasionally. This beauty will last for at Least six months maybe a year in the cupboard as is great with salads, fish, meats and grains!





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