Finding Nemo behind an estate

Hi everyone! today i was hoping to blog about a fantastic trip to the Farmers Market, but unfortunately I found out that in the winter months the Market is not on, boo! anyways since I was out I decided to make the most of the little walking trip. As you will know I live in London but you wouldn’t think that tucked behind the industrial estate is an *actual* national Park! it is absolutely beautiful and just a few minutes walk away, has become my future running spot :

river walk

It has all these cute little nooks and crannies, with a lovely cafe, second hand bookshop, local artist art gallery and local crafts stalls hidden in the stables. It is a fantastic place to come to get some fresh air, and bring the kids to ride their scooters & feed the ducks


So I kept walking and hidden out the back was the most incredible Garden Centre! Call me a pensioner I don’t care, I think I would prefer going here then then out clubbing any day (!) they had so many cool things including home decor, Hunter boots (drooool), and lots of beautiful flowers and plants out at the back – I cannot wait to see this place in Spring! I bought some okra seeds for my mother in law, and I’m already planning on going back to start up my own window-sill veggie and herb garden!





The highlight of this trip was finding the Aquatic Centre right at the back of this awesome space. It was packed with families searching for fish for their tanks. I managed to get some beautiful shots on my nikon 35mm of the fish in the tank – and even managed to find Nemo! (I was surrounded by 4 years old screaming “Mummy mummy I found Nemo, and look theres a really big Dory!!!”)

I love this picture below – I call it “little fish in a big sea” – i just love the expression on the goldfish that catches the focus of the lens




It was a brilliant day and I’m definitely going again soon to get my C25K on!.. My husband and I love walking here in the Warmer months but Winter has its own charm. The park is huge (over 125 acres) and I think what I love about it is that it literally is in a gritty part of London and you wouldn’t even know it was there – a brilliant secret escape!

For more information please check out National Trust Parks online to find your closest one – it is a wonderful organisation in the UK


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