Popping my WIAW Cherry!

hi everyone! I’m very excited to share my first WIAW with you all ! It is a feature I’ve admired in many awesome healthy blogs but never had the time (or the courage) to attempt myself! I’m going to be highlighting what I ate on Monday, which was an awesome day as I am off from work and having time to indulge in doing fun things! Snapshots of this day were recorded on my iphone via my instagram (http://instagram.com/goodphat) so feel free to follow me to see more of my food diary!

I had a great start to my day with porridge oats, almond milk, chia seeds and kiwi fruit. The sharpness of the kiwi cut through the creamy oats but in a good way 🙂

photo (32)

My next stop was a morning zumba class at my local Sweaty Betty Store! I’m a huge zumba fanatic, but my first class at SB! they had a lovely cute studio downstairs and although it was grey outside in London Town, I felt we were in RIO Carnival in the basement! Its such an inspiring shop with great clothes and ethos 🙂

photo (25)

photo (24)

After working up a sweat at Zumba I treated myself to some groceries at my local deli and had a lovely soya cappucino from Cafe Nero – extra frothy!

photo (23)

I was fortunate enough to get a free £15 off voulcher from sweatybetty so I cashed it in for some wacky but awesome tribal inspired work out leggings. These are in a sweat wicking fabric and are so funky I wore them out with my Chelsea Boots for dinner! work out and dine out leggings love it!

photo (37)

I took a cheeky pic of my face on instagram post zumba workout – I’m calling this “Facewatch” as I like to see the progress of my weightloss in my face! If you look at my previous face profiles, my cheeks are a lot less chubby then they were a year ago, my dimples are emerging and my double chin is less plural now – result!

photo (33)

For lunch I grabbed a delicious Hoxtonbeach falafal and chilli wrap from the deli and toasted it at home with a simple salad of cos lettuce, tomato and goats cheese – it was yummers! They boast to have the best falafel wraps in all of London and I don’t doubt them! They have a little street stall in central and distribute to a handful of delis picked around town and hackney leisure centre so if you are in the area please hunt this down you will not regret it!

photo (35)

photo (26)

I spent the afternoon doing some serious revision and blog reading (lol) and in the afternoon i had a lovely pick me up snack of filter coffee and 2 brazil nuts covered in chocolate. These are quite calorie dense but 2 were enough to give me the energy boost I needed!

photo (36)

In the evening my husband surprised me with an date night dinner after his gym session! I’m not the type to say no if offered to be wined and dined so of course i obliged 😉 We ending up trying out a wonderful traditional italian trattoria we had never been to before and it was delicious! We shared some breadsticks and olives (an impromptu decision from myself because I wanted the olives but didn’t realise it would be so bready) and for mains I had a wholemeal risotto with asparagus and  a side salad. My Husband had an amazing pizza with mozzarella and parma ham which i had a taste of. The food was very simple but you could tell they used the best quality ingrediants so it didn’t need any gimmicks! For desert we shared a delicious crepe with tia maria infused cream and crushed amaretto biscuits! I only had a few bites as I’m watching my weight but they were HEAVENLY!

photo (29)

photo (28)

photo (22)

photo (31)

I hope you enjoyed my first WIAW! the cherry has officially been popped! this is of course not my usual daily eating pattern (I wish!) but I thought it would be great to share this with you. I am now documenting my daily food diary on instagram and twitter as I find it helps me stay creative and in tune with what i’m eating everyday. I sometimes beat myself up for making bad choices food wise, so now I have a visual record of my week in eats to review where I’m going right/wrong with my weight loss journey!

Do you keep a food diary?

What do you think about using instagram / twitter to record your healthy lifestyle habits?


5 thoughts on “Popping my WIAW Cherry!

  1. Ffion Hughes (@ChocRaspberry) says:

    Welcome to the party!I love falafel, so I’m jealous of your lunch- also those Sweaty Betty leggings are ace, I bet you had a great time! I track everything I eat on myfitnesspal, and instagram and tweet nearly everything, or at least the best bits, so I’m all for documentation!

  2. Paige says:

    What a great first WIAW post. I will be attempting mine next week. You are very restrained to ony have 2 chocolate Brazil nuts, they are my fave!

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