One step At a time


Today I have been feeling über reflective about my weight loss journey. This pic is of my feet after a will power and grace mega workout class. I rushed to make it on time but I’m so glad I did – it was a challenge I was dripping sweat – it was awesome. I left the class and had a new zeal of life breathed into me and that post exercise glow. Boom.

Over the last two years I have had some highs, some lows and some stuck in a rut moments … Sometimes I have been bursting with energy and optimism, and other times I’m filled with guilt and disillusionment.

With all of life’s ebbs and flows there is one thing I have learned: you cannot change the past, and, in most instances you cannot predict the future. All you have is the present, is right now, and it’s your choice what you do with it. I’m learning to take every day one step at a time, and I’m not talking just about food.

I realised today on looking back of my week of eats has been really mixed- one day I’m having nutella filled crepes and the next I’m whizzing up green smoothies. I’m learning that this doesn’t equate to me being “good” or “bad” – dare I say this on a healthy living blog but it’s kindajustfood. It has no relation to whether I am worthy and sure as hell shouldn’t mean an evening of feeling a failure. I’m far from it.

I’m making a vow today to take everyday one step at a time. To make conscious daily choices about what I feed my mind, body and soul.

I don’t want to give up my quest to be a healthy human being.

I deserve to be happy, hopeful & healthy – because I’m worth it


3 thoughts on “One step At a time

  1. Adele says:

    I love this! I’ve been talking about this recently too. Sometimes, you want a little bit of this or that and it’s okay to just go and have it because you work hard generally. Gotta reap those rewards and be your own friend!

    Loving your fitness/eating mantra 🙂

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