Stuck between a broth and a hard place


Hi guys, I know, I know it has been *forever* since I wrote. Things have been a bit hectic lately with my exam looming a week today! I flip like a fluffy spelt pancake between feeling mortified and (almost too) calm. I’ve done enough exams to know what to expect, but sometimes enough is not enough and I have no idea what to expect! I keep pinching myself to remind me that it’s just a multiple choice piece of paper with random letters – Nothing more and nothing less …. And breeathe….

So in other news life has been a bit stagnant. I’ve got quite into my chunky broths (and I am sure I read somewhere a study that said the process of cooking broths significantly reduces stress levels?!) this one pictured is a simple cheap ham hock bone simmered on a low heat for an hour or so (when the meat just flakes away) with chunky carrots, “fwiine” beans (said in a Queens newyorker accent) with lashings of crushed garlic, salt, peppercorns and lemon juice to taste. I’ve made this combo with left over chicken carcus, gammon and oxtail and it doesn’t disappoint. You could add fancy legumes if you wish to add bulk (I would choose puy lentil as it keeps it shape) but I quite like it without personally.

So life carries on. My weight loss is the “hard place” right now. I’m struggling to care about poundage, which isn’t very “me”. When you feel stuck it is hard to believe taht you can achieve your goals and lose weight. I have not given up, but I know I need to snap out of it pretty quick and get a jog going or a healthy food haul for inspiration. I think I will go to the gym later today and wear some of my funky gear to get me feelin’ it.

Any tips/ motivations / advice on how to get unstuck and
Move forward would be greatly appreciated!


11 thoughts on “Stuck between a broth and a hard place

  1. rachael says:

    hey posh! It’s Racksy. I have just come out of the other side of not caring about the poundage. I have a few things coming up where I wanna look amazing – like graduation and a summer ball etc and it is making me really stop and think about what I am going to eat. Also have written quite a good meal plan which always helps, as well as waking up early and going on morning walks – I know it’s not intense exercise but surely that extra movement will help!? I stepped on the scales post easter and it was a very very nasty shock..! So here’s hoping I can get a handle on things before July – graduation!

    Hope the exams go well and you get back into your groove!! xxx

    1. poshpiggy says:

      thank you so much RacksY! LOVE your lil pic. I have a few things too (my anniversary, my friends wedding/uni reunion to name a few) and you have really helped put it into perspective! thanks gorgeous xxx

  2. PoPpy @ Persistence Over Perfection says:

    Mmmmm your broth looks yummy – I’m going to be stealing this recipe for sure! It’s odd how our motivation comes and goes isn’t it? I’d just go to the gym when you can – it will help you de-stress from the studying too – and not put too much pressure on yourself to go. Go and do something you really love, so it’s time well-spent. Good luck with your exam, I’m sure you’ll do just fine πŸ™‚

  3. littlelondonyogini says:

    Just get the exam out the way and then focus on the rest love! I have just spent the morning feeling miserable and headachy because I am trying to cut out sugar… so caved and had some mini eggs and now feel heaps better! Do you really want to be dealing with all that while you are trying to revise? (Sorry if this is not at all helpful!) I think the important things are to take care of yourself enough that you feel good, but don’t beat yourself up or cause yourself any unnecessary stress! You can do it! xxx

    1. poshpiggy says:

      thanks Hun – i know what you mean, im stressed enough without adding worrying about my exercise quota. I’m not going to lose nor gain a stone in 5 days so its not life or death – but with all the comments and reading some interesting blogs/articles feeling more inspired to get out there now when its all over with xxx

  4. themovingmuncher says:

    Ooh that broth looks yummy πŸ™‚ As someone who has both gained weight (and not given a hoot about it) and maintained weight (by jogging about 15-20 mins daily) when preparing for exams I hear where you’re coming from! I totally agree with the above comments – for now just take care of yourself pre-exam (that may include a work out to get the blood pumping and to refresh your mind, but no pressure if it doesn’t!) and you can then approach your plan with new invigoration afterwards.

    Personally I think it is near impossible to lose weight when studying for exams (‘cept for those rare lucky peeps who have a reduced appetite when studying?!) purely based on the amount of sitting around, occasional comfort eating, and all the stress hormones/cortisol sneaking around the body clinging onto fat.

    So yes, I think you’ll be just great post-exam, good luck with the studying in the meanwhile!

  5. Sonja says:

    Hi there! I’m sorry to hear about the difficulties you’re experiencing. And although I do believe health should be a priority, health is not always defined as losing weight or eating nothing but salads. As said above, just get through your exam first, it is no sin to comfort eat, we all do it, but do try and sneak in a workout: it destresses body and mind as well, and I’ll bet you will feel great afterwards, but don’t focus on the need to lose weight during this period. Best of luck with your exam!!!!

  6. poshpiggy says:

    thanks Sonja – yeah i totally agree about your ideas about what is healthy – I’m just trying to stay balanced and not get overly stressed/anxious/worried about these post grad exams. Just gotta keep calm and I will devote my life to getting fit and healthy again in 6 days! xxx

  7. Laura Agar Wilson (@lauraagarwilson) says:

    That broth looks amazing! I know it can be hard to find motivation but as others have said just think about all the reasons you want to do this – but it shouldn’t have to feel like a battle. Just eat well, exercise when it feels good and we can dial it up after your exam πŸ™‚ You can do this xxxx

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