Baby’s got BACK!


Hello blogworld! Well my exam is done and dusted (and breathe!) it literally took everything I had and has drained me of all my energy.. I have developed a terrible nasty chesty cough on the verge of a chest infection but fought through and now it’s OVER. I am finally Freeeee….

The last couple of weeks have been naughty, like really naughty…

I have been indulging in sweet treats like chocolate alot and it is to the point now that I have turned 180 and cant bear to see chocolate! i don’t like the re-emerging “softness” of my figure if you know what I mean! Pictured above was a delicious but deadly crepe with Nutella inside AND drizzled on top… That was more than a minute on my lips so who knows how long it will stay on my hips!!!

As of tomorrow I am back on track – back to tracking and back to being in control. Back to conscious eating and back to exercise! I have no excuses now its just me myself and I! how how I have missed thee

I’m going to start documenting more on my blog about my weight loss journey and also on my sister blog good sweat documenting my fitness journey too. I hope being accountable on my blog will keep me motivated to keep moving and keep going and break my weight barrier for good this summer!

There’s a lot in store for the good blogs so subscribe, follow me on twitter and Instagram and get involved!

It’s going to be a cruel cool summer!


10 thoughts on “Baby’s got BACK!

  1. themovingmuncher says:

    Hehe I’ve got that song in my head now! Congrats on finishing your exam, especially whilst sick!

    Are you going to do another 5k Race of Life this summer? I’ve just signed up to do it (my first 5k, woot!) with my mum 🙂

    I look forward to reading about your progress over the summer months, sounds like you’re mentally in the zone, so good luck!

    1. poshpiggy says:

      Hiya ! I did race for life last year my first time bug mainly walked with spurts of jogging! I would love to actually run it this year but I haven’t signed up – I’m petrified lol!

    1. poshpiggy says:

      Yes so relieved – date night has turned into celebratory date week! I’m really sorry to hear about the job Hun but you sound so positive and I’m a true believer in when one door closes another opens xxx

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