May day, May day!


Gosh I cannot believe it is May already… it only feels like yesterday we were talking about new years resolutions (remember those?!)…

April wasn’t really my best month in all honesty. I had the stress of exams, terrible news about my friend and also was feeling very lost and hopeless about my healthy eating and exercise plan. I had so many conflicting messages in my head about what plan was best (weightwatchers, filling and healthy, clean eating, paleo?! none at all, high protein diet) that it just confused me and I ended up not doing any of it at all! As a result I gained a bit of weight and more then I thought I initially thought if the scales this morning are right :S

But that was then and this is NOW!

I have kick started May in a much better mindset and feeling a lot more secure about my goals and healthy living plan. I love the feature that bloggers post about looking back on the month gone and focussing on the month ahead, so it being the 1st of May I thought I could do the same!

May is my favourite month of the year – I love the Spring sunshine, the double bank holidays, and its our wedding anniversary too! hopefully we will be going for a minibreak to celebrate if we can so I have that to look forward to, too!

This month is peppered with 2 sets of night shifts so I’m already anticipating that it is going to feel a bit upside down, but even acknowledging it from the jump off I think is really key.

Its quite hard to think about plans and goals as I’m slightly on the disorganised end of the spectrum! but that is going to be my main goal of May – May day organisation!

This May I want to

  • Get into a workout routine I am happy with, mixing up gym classes (zumba and Will Power and Grace) with some strength training and cardio (C25K/Swimming) aim for 4 workout sessions a week in total
  • Make progress with my C25K training – aim to be able to run for 10minutes straight
  • Get into a breakfast smoothie and packed lunch routine every morning – bring food from home so I can save money!!
  • Pay special attention to my evening meal ensuring it packed with veggies and good portion control
  • Get into a good daily/weekly home cleaning routine (with the help of the flylady!)
  • make sure I plan my meals and exercise in advance as much as I can, so I don’t feel out of control or that I’ve “falling off the wagon” when I do have treats
  • Finish my work Audit! Sort out my work portfolio (Argh) and organise my revision notes and prepare for my final exam in September (fingers crossed!)
  • Have protective “me-time” to destress and do things that I enjoy such as my craft projects
  • Catch up with some dear friends that I have not seen in forever due to exam hibernation!
  • blog more on goodphat and on (i will be using it as my online exercise diary!)

Just see all my goals on the screen in black and white has given me such a boost! what a great way to focus on being positive and looking forward.

what are you looking forward to in May? do you have any specific goals?

How do you juggle work/life balance?


4 thoughts on “May day, May day!

  1. themovingmuncher says:

    I love how you maintain such a positive an optimistic outlook (even when times are hard), also how you take things by the horns! Awesome, and best of luck achieving your May goals! I also hate night shifts and really agree that preparation is the key – otherwise your messed up bodyclock will lead you down unwanted paths (at least that’s what it does for me) 😉

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