Bank holiday temptations

Hi everyone.
So pictured below is a whole lotta delicious cheese beautifully displayed at whole foods off Piccadilly circus. Why? Because this picture encapsulates my blog theme which is all about foodie temptation. Cheese for me is my number one weakness so much so I actually do not allow myself to have any in the house(except cottage cheese or Philly)… I just cannot help myself it is certainly my “trigger food” and takes me off track way too easily.

This bank holiday weekend has been difficult for me food wise. I have actually had an amazing mon-fri, all meals planned in advance, all tracked and kept close to my daily limits as I felt its time to revisit the weightwatchers propoints again after what feels like months (that and an unofficial 5lb gain since feb -yikes)

It was my fault – I didn’t plan for the bank holiday weekend and I was on night shifts too and they have been horrendous. Though I wasn’t proud of my eats and went over my weekly allowance I still tracked it all in my diary.

Initially I was getting so upset with myself, telling myself silly things like you failed you’re useless you blew it but then I realised what good does this self hatred do? I had a winderful clean healthy week of eats and 1day of naughtiness. It is important to keep persepective! I am not excusing myself of all responsibility but bank holiday eating is hard enough let alone being on night shifts. I finish my shift in 15mins (yay!) and have resolved to start the day and week afresh. There is no time bomb and this getting healthy is not a competition. I have learned a lot from This and when I am next on nights (next week!) I can put what I have learned into practice! But most importantly remain positive&hopeful!

Real life will throw us a curve ball every now and again but it’s up to us to decide how we handle it. We will fall from foodie grace from time to time, but when we do we have to dust ourselves off, not persecute our souls and keep going on. One of my favourite bits of advice I learned from the lovely bitchcakes blog was that we can change our path the very next meal. Even if you made a “bad” choice, your next meal can always be healthier. I find this so helpful especially now when I’m starting to engrain new healthy habits and rid myself of the old, but still in that awkward no mans land inbetween.

So whatever your trigger food temptation is – don’t let it sabotage your efforts to making a positive new and healthy you!



3 thoughts on “Bank holiday temptations

  1. themovingmuncher says:

    I have a friend who works at the cheese counter at Whole Foods – he gets a discount but I’ve always avoided going there – looking at your photo, this is why 😉 ! Glad you’ve put the voice of the ‘inner critic’ (aka my arch nemesis 😉 ) firmly away and will approach things with a new vigour – good luck with the night shifts!

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