A not so complex equation


So no apologies here is another slightly wordy post, something that has clicked/ been quietly clicking the last few weeks and months, and brought to my attention by some lovely friends and blog posts of late

Maybe I am just talking about my self here but sometimes I think I complicate matters more then is needed. With regards to my efforts to lose weight it should be as simple as calories in calories out and one would think an educated person could figure that out. I sometimes get lost in my head – and realise that it isn’t as simple as losing pounds as I have years of weight related issues literally under my belt. I didn’t gain weight overnight and I. Detain oh didn’t gain weight for no reason either.

Maybe it’s been a sign from Above but a lot of blogs and good friends have pointed me to the light- that I am
Lovely and worthy of all success in life and that includes getting to goal.

I realised that I eat to avoid emotional involvement – I eat to blank out potentially uncomfortable feelings and conversations. Even a little bit of stress can tip the balance. -and comfort foods are my go to. Iwouldavoid conflict at any cost

But then it occurred to me – why do this to myself? My body is not a garbage bin nor is it just the easy way out – what am I so scared of? And is it so bad I’m overweight obese as a result?

Im at a real crossroads ,a turning point in my life ; I can stay stuck or I can be free. I can sink or I can swim I can flight or I can fight . I can choose to Be the victim or choose victory. I can tell myself life isthis complex equation i can’t solve or that it’s a bit tough but I’m willing to try simplify.

I have chosen life, light colour movement.

And i know the swarm that secretly enjoy to”keep me down”&stop me achieving my goals Wont like the new assertive me that puts my own health and needs as priority but honestly they can stuff it!

I’m ready to start believing in myself and living a healthy happy life 🙂


2 thoughts on “A not so complex equation

  1. Lucy @ lucylookout says:

    Oh I’m so glad you’re thinking along these lines as I think it will make you stronger and better geared to make the changes you wish to make. I found it very interesting what you wrote about avoiding conflict – I am exactly the same, I hate hate hate conflict and will avoid it as much as I can – but what do I do with those unresolved emotions which I haven’t dealt with? I LITERALLY swallowed them down (or at least I did when I used to binge eat frequently). I feel like it is a crucial part in understanding binge eating as that method clearer doesn’t work and just makes us more miserable. And treating our bodies like a garbage bin? I used to think it was because when I couldn’t deal with the sh*t in everyday life, I just fed it to the garbage bin instead… It’s time to start loving ourselves!

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