Waterloo Sunset

The first thing I did after my exams were finished was to take myself and my Digital SLR Camera into London. I was meeting a friend on the Southbank of the Thames so I thought I would get there a bit earlier to do my own photo tour. I find this a really fun and great way to explore, and eventhough I am born and brought up here, I am never bored as there is so many new things to see and do!

My main aim was to visit the mecca that is the iknit store. It is the hub of the knitting community in central London filled with wool, books and community activies that all are welcome to join. I must admit if I am honest I was slightly underwhelmed, I arrived in the middle of a knitting circle social so felt a bit of place and the shop was too crowded for me to do any shopping – but still if you are interested in learning how to knit/crochet or just meet others who do, and you are in the area I would not hesitate to have a peep or check online http://www.iknit.org.uk


After iknit I took a wonder down lower marsh and found a superb deli! it was deceptively small from the outside but was 4 levels including a mezzanine cafe. It was made up of small independants together; a butcher, charcuterie, cheesemonger, wine bar, deli and cafe, like a treasure trove full of healthy organic eats – I was in heaven!




After work hours the riverside was heaving with people socialising as the sun sets over Waterloo. i love people watching – I went for a walk along the river and just absorbed the amazing atmosphere. Embankment (south of the river) is a special place to me as it is where my darling husband and I decided to become an item 4 years ago now!…(it was all quite romantic he went down on one knee on the Embankment bridge!) It is one of my favourite places in London – I just love the buzz (and how can I forget the Boris’ Bikes?! – I am still yet to have a ride on one, its going on my bucket list!)







Waterloo Sunset by the Kinks – captures the afternoon beautifully!

Do you have any favourite/special places filled with memories? Do you like photography?


2 thoughts on “Waterloo Sunset

  1. Lucy @ Lucy On The Lookout says:

    Hehe we clearly hang out in all the same places! My boyfriend used to live around the corner from Greensmiths and we both loved it so (the quality is great and the price tag is a lot better than Wholefoods!)… They also have this cool little market some days really close to the BMI IMAX – lovely local wines, delicious cheeses etc etc and not too expensive! Also did you know they are shutting down the skate park by southbank? How sad 😦 ! Glad to see you are enjoying your freedom post-exams!

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