Bag Lady!

This week I’ve been making a real effort to get back on track and back in control of my healthy lifestyle. I have sort of been on a “mental holiday” for the past week or so, falling back into old habits as I got distracted and bogged down with stresses in work and the day to day grind. I know when I’m overstretched when I’m become detached from the health/fitness crowd that keep me motivated online so I often have to “catch” it before it spreads beyond control!

So I’ve drawn my line and I’m back in the swing now!

one of the major things I find that helps is being organised. The gym is on my way to work and I’m now experimenting with walking to work via the gym. It is a bit of an effort (well, of course compared to zipping about in the car) But the problem with gymming before/after work is the faff of all the baggage and before you know it you have your work bag, make up bag, your wash bag, your gym bag, your packed lunch cool box bag, your revision library bag…. you become the bag lady!



(possibly on my favourite songs in the world… I couldn’t resist! if you have never heard it before you gotta listen to the words great meaning behind it..!)

bag lady
you gonna hurt your back
dragging all those bags like that
i guess nobody ever told you
all you must hold on to
is you

So I’m still very much experimenting but here is what I’ve got in my gym bag that I find is helping me get ready for work from the gym with minimum fuss and space:

– make up/wash bag: slightly bigger then a make up bag but smaller then a wash bag it fits in all the essentials that I need to be presentable in the morning to work.
– minatures! unless you want to take the whole bathroom cabinet to work I suggest you invest in minatures or small bottles to decant into primark do it dead cheap but muji and aveda have a great range that i’m a huge fan of too. I also have a little collection of minitures from hotels I’ve been too and summer glossy magazine freebies as they are perfect for travel. in my bag i have mini facial wash, mini showergel, mini moisturiser.
– uber essential make up kit. I don’t have much time and I’m not a big fan of slapping it on for work, but to feel presentable i get away with putting some base (foundation/bb cream) eyeliner pen,blusher, and vaseline for my lips.
– de-odourant (obviously)
– hairbands/headband to minimise hairline sweat
– small towel (i always forget this! im looking to get a quick dry one which would help alot)
– gym locker lock
– ipod nano+headphones
– water bottle
– gym card
– maxitone shake cup choco protein shake with oats blended up in the morning so I have breakfast on the go walking from the gym to work
– change of work clothes chosen the night before so can easily get changed &work shoes (my trusted brogues)

Obviously i’m still figuring out exactly what I do/don’t need to take with me on my commute and I am surrendering to the fact that i may be a bit of a bag lady for a while! but as long as i can carry it and I’m still positive about getting my work outs in I think its going to be a great move forward for me!

What do you carry in your gym bag?
How do you encooperate work and exercise into your daily life?


3 thoughts on “Bag Lady!

  1. PoPpy @ Persistence Over Perfection says:

    Good for you for getting back on it and making the effort to organise yourself. My gym workouts have faded recently as I’ve been focussing more on running (outside) and strength (dvds at home), but when I used to cycle to the gym and swim before work the organisation I needed was a nightmare! I had: wash bag, make up bag, deodorant, brush, two small towels (long hair!), change of clothes for work, breakfast, lunch, purse…etc. etc. the organisation needed is amazing – and I had to fit it all in a rucksack as I was cycling! Keep up the great work lovely πŸ™‚

  2. Lucy @ Lucy On The Lookout says:

    Hehe love the video! I was known as the ‘crazy bag lady’ even at uni (all those dratted books… I even used to wheel around a ‘revision bookcase’, haha I sound like the coolest person ever πŸ˜‰ ) and it has just gotten worse since starting going to the gym… And also it doesn’t help that I’m a weakling so I don’t like putting all the stuff in one heavy bag so I have to separate it out.Thankfully my gym provides towels, and I’ve also given up on make up ‘cept for a slick of eyeliner and then I’m ready to rock n roll. As for incorporating exercise into my daily life – that’s definitely the difficult part as whilst I could wake up early before work every day I end up feeling drained and I find the high levels of tiredness makes it counter-intuitive as my body then just craves a load of crap… plus I become a nightmare for the boyf to deal with πŸ˜‰ So yes, still trying to find a balance with that one!

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