in tune for June

June is here! we are half way through the year and I’m making the choice to turn this year around to put the difficulties of this year behind me, and focus on the year ahead!

My motto for the month is to be “in tune for June”. So much of my life was singing along to everyone else’s song, but now it is my turn! My focus for the month is really paying attention to my mind, soul and body – and listening to what it wants/ wants not.

Last week I created a lovely journal, a little weekend DIY project using old wrapping paper and magazine cut outs. I have been using it do document my exercise and eating patterns and help to create structure and routine into my busy schedule.

photo (44)

This weekend has been uber restful, I’ve had time to read the weekend papers, unwind to some Aretha Franklin, paint my nails, have lots of teas & coffees and encooperate some healthy new routines like enjoying a “lemon tonic” and a lovely pink lady apple with my home made cashew nut butter (recipe coming soon!)

photo (42)

photo (46)

photo (43)

photo (45)

One of the things I have noticed is that I tend to default to laziness! I am easily distracted and too easily procrastinate. Yesterday I wanted to go to the gym all day and every hour I put it off and put it off until I convinced myself it was too late to go. I know there is a part of me that “Fears” the sweat and the uncomfort pain of working up a sweat… also my fear that i can’t run! The other part is my core childhood belief that I’m “not a sporty kinda person!” I often find I need to “rev up” my engine to get me to the gym but once I’m there its not too bad!!! Everyday in June I’m going to be practising some simple positive affirmations to start to dispell the myths of my childhood belief systems that hold me back from being the strong, healthy and fit person I want to be AM!

Before I go I have to share with you my new favourite Salad Recipe! I adapted it from a Sunday papers magazine cut out I kept years ago for a Green Goddess Salad. I really love cutting out recipes from papers/magazines as almost without fail every week they feature a salad of some kind, and before you know it you have a wealth of healthy go-to recipes to avoid the inevitable lettuce fatigue! when I was decluttering I found the folded glossy cut out and realised I had everything in my fridge to make the delicious salad! whats great about this recipe is that it is really versatile, healthy, and can be tweaked to fit personal tastes/ foodie requirements – go wild my green goddess!


photo (41)

1. prep some lovely greens, whatever you have to hand and/or fancy. I’ve got cos lettuce and green beans as my base but you could add some brocolli or edamame aswell – its all about the texture
2. to create your green goddess dressing mix up some cottage cheese, light mayo (optional), feta cheese/blue cheese crumbled and a dollop of a creamy dressing of your choice (I’ve got the pizza express classic light dressing, and M&S low fat caesar dressing both work well). You could add some plain greek yoghurt/ creme freche or philly – whatever you have at hand for a creamy base.
3. hard boil 2 eggs and chop finely
4. Add some sliced avacado, olives, left over chicken breast, lime and anchoives (again all optional but I find a little goes a long way and really lifts the dish)
5. Mix together and serve in your favourite big plate and tuck in! (for extra goddess virtue have your significant other feed this to you with grapes whilst he fans you with angel feathers and harp music playing in the background ;))

Hope you have a lovely week ahead! ❀


3 thoughts on “in tune for June

  1. Lucy @ Lucy On The Lookout says:

    Ooh that salad looks yummy! Am also liking the idea of the journal (as you know πŸ˜‰ ) – I just need to get round to it! I’ve also recently been thinking about childhood ‘stereotypes’ – it’s a funny thing but I was always labelled as the unsporty ‘musical’ one, whilst my brother was the unmusical ‘sporty’ one, but these identification ‘tags’ are really unhelpful to this day! Well done for dispelling them though!

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