Commit or Quit


Although in many ways I have been proud of myself in terms of getting in tune for June and upping the exercise, unfortunately the numbers on the scale have not been reflecting that. After a loooooong break from weight watchers (and watching my weight in general) I have tried to come back strong, only to find I’m gradually continuing to gain weight.

There is only so many excuses in the world you can give before you realise in yourself that something has to chnage if I am brutally honest sometimes my good intentions do not make it to my plate, particular after a long day at work and all I want to do is just eat and sleep.

I had to make a decision, I either quit or I commit. And I’ve chosen the latter.

At the moment I feel my main sabotage is my portion distortion, and snacking on full fat dairy and processed foods.

It hasn’t taken me long to realise that today on my “eating recommended portions” day 1 I was eating probably 2-3x that and counting it at “normal”… Then crying at the end of the week wondering why I have not lost any weight.

Do you struggle with portion sizes? Recommended individual portion sizes examples include:

Cheese= size of a small matchbox
Chicken/protein= size of a pack of playing cards
Rice = enough to fill to level an empty can of tuna
Butter/hummus = 1 tsp should fit level the top of a milk carton!

To help me I am using the power of visualisation! Did you know our stomachs are roughly the size of our own clenched fist? I remind myself of this when I’m tempted to stuff myself, because I think where is all that food going to go…???

I’m also using small half/side plates for my main meals! The picture above is of my lunch today, leftover “tagbol” of homemade whole meal tagliatelle with lean mince and chorizo bolognaise, about a cup worth, with a big side of mushy broccoli ! (Used my amazing bamboo steamer but left it running totally forgot!) the pasta portion is about half my regular standard…. Yikes! I’m feeling it! If you think it’s too small there’s some pasta hiding under the broccoli don’t panic!

I’m not going to lie….it’s hard adjusting cold turkey to like “tiny” portions…! I realise all the blogs and cookbooks I have the portions stated are always small in comparison to my own! This afternoon I was feeling hungry! It was more head hunger, I just craved something more to eat eventhough my stomach wasn’t too bad. I made a quick healthy snack of half a banana, quarter avacado, teaspoon of coca powder and some natural Greek yoghurt for a natural sweet chocolate pudding.

It will take some time to get used to feeling a bit hungry/ “deprived”/ not stuffed! I realise i can overcome my “fear of being hungry”… Its never the last supper, there is always another meal! my portions have been so off track it is something I need to reign in, and will up the fruits and veggies to counter act it. Losing weight is not rocket science but it requires focus, discipline and the true desire! I really want to see some changes and if I can make most days like today then I know I will be on a winning ticket!

Tonight it is Friday date night and we are going somewhere for dinner my choice that will be healthy… Maybe might try Chipotle ? I have had a look at the menu and I hear good things..! I have some errands to run, get to boots, treat myself to a little beauty pick me up, go gym get my C25k on!, get my fresh veggies fix and some fish for the week ahead. Im working this weekend so need to meal plan like s boss! No excuses!


2 thoughts on “Commit or Quit

  1. Lucy @ Lucy On The Lookout says:

    All good points Grace, also agree that a good option is to bulk up the greens (I personally think that there’s no such thing as too much greens 😉 ). In terms of controlling hunger, I think it is very much an individual thing as to what works best – for me personally, I am always sustained more with some protein with each meal, ideally paired with some carbs (and bucket loads o’ greens 😉 ) … when the boyf cooks up a delicious batch of pasta with veg, I’m still somehow not satisfied if there isn’t some protein (maybe it’s a psychological thing I dunno 😉 )

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