Lessons I’m learning: 2 Run Smart



Hey everyone – so here is instalment 2 of a little mini series I’m doing on the blog focussing on my journey with running so far. Thank you for all the wonderful comments and feedback i got on my last post – especially the love for the throw back photo! I was a little madam indeed, the little iron lady in my blue dress! 

So today I went to the gym and let me say it out loud – it wasn’t great. I had planned to go to the pool for a good swimming session, but in the last minute I decided to do some interval training, partially out of guilt as I have a run charity walk/jog event in *2weeks* and I’m far behind my projected schedule (struggling on W3 for about 3weeks…)

So within the blink of an eye I’m on the dreadmill treadmill, no water, no ipod with C25K podcast to support me, no sports bra or proper sports socks/ running gear, no headphones. Running in silent listening to the whirring of the machines in the gym and watching the timer tick by was agony and it is no surprise that in 10minutes I was off the treadmill swearing never again to myself.

I wasn’t prepared. I wasn’t smart. I was actually, running stupid. Running without a purpose or plan or even a clue…. My point? you got to have purpose to what you are doing and why you are doing.That may be as simple as making sure you got your water bottle and headphones, or it may be as complex as knowing WHY you are running in the first place.

Where are you going? Why are you putting yourself through this?

Whats the point?

Again I’m feeling that running is a metaphor for life. Without some sense of life purpose, or life idea, it can be a bit of struggle to know where we are going. When we are unprepared it can be difficult. When we throw ourselves on the treadmill at full speed we have to make a choice and maybe we can run try and keep up with the rat race… but eventually, like I did today, maybe we will burn out and fall off. Run smart, run supported and prepared, and at a pace you can handle.

I realised today I got on that treadmil because a part of me wanted to, but a bigger part of me did it out of duty, guilt or because I really should, shoudn’t I? 

Running smart doesn’t require a high IQ. There are no interviews or exams. Running should be purposeful, and planned. Not like planned to the point that all the joy has been sucked out of it – i cannot wait for the day I can keep a pair of trainers in the boot of my car and just go running somewhere random “because I can”…. but planned because planning creates purpose and purpose creates pleasure! 

So on this little journey I have realised that i would rather run smart once a week then run stupid 6 times a week, running because I want to not because I should to or I’m afraid of what will happen if I don’t. I learned I NEED music, and I need the C25K training programme support via my headphones at this moment in time. I need to make sure I’m adequately fuelled and hydrated, because its a million times harder without. I need to wear supportive clothing, my big boobs will suffer without!!! and maybe most importantly I need to smarten up to ensure I have a positive state of mind, that I’m “running free” believing I can succeed and that I am a runner before I’ve taken one step. 


Run Free.

Run Smart.


3 thoughts on “Lessons I’m learning: 2 Run Smart

  1. Lucy @ Lucy On The Lookout says:

    Love this Grace! I definitely listen to my body now when running – I used to have big feelings of obligation pre-runs back in the day of overexercising, but now I really listen to my body as if I’m going when tired/exhausted/not up for it then I just don’t enjoy it (& tend to sprain my ankles loads!)

  2. Alex @ Brain, Body, Because says:

    This is such a good point! There were definitely way too many times that I went for a run simply because I felt obligated to and, unsurprisingly, it was totally miserable. Having a plan really does alleviate so much of that 🙂

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