Summer Lovin’

Hi everyone!
How have you all been? Can you believe we are near half way through AUGUST?! it has been a really good month for me – I’ve taken some much needed time off from the bloggosphere to really fine-tune my goals and get in touch with my true self. By doing that I’m managing to remove the “caked on makeup” Look I had feeling so weighed down and overwhelmed by information overload, and now living with a much more natural, clearer & healthier complexion!

At the beginning of the month not only did I switch roles at work, but I found out I won a runners up prize for an article I wrote about social networking and mental health! My husband bought me this beautiful bouquet, it was a lovely start to August!

photo (61)

I have been much more consistent with my workouts and now I’m taking the car most days to work its easy to slip in a workout on the way/back home from work (and not being the bag lady!) I have been managing 3-4days a week working out and my mind, body and soul is thanking me for it! I have been really loving strength training at the moment, getting lots of inspiration from you-tube and noticing more tightness, definition and sculpting all over my body! My favourite accomplishment was having the confident to go to the boys weight training area and do barbell squats with 30kg weight!!! i totally ROCKED IT! I realised half of the battle is CONFIDENCE, believing in myself that YES – I’M A FIT GEEK! geek is the new sexy!

photo (69)

photo (68)

My eating has been really inspired this month too – I have been added more fresh fish into my diet, trying to have 2 meals a week fish/veg based. I love seafood but used to find it such a hassle to cook! I’m loving the waitrose ” Garnish and Go ” in which they prep, season, and parcel your fish so all you have to do is put it in the oven for a super tasty, healthy, fuss free fillet!

photo (64)

I’ve been experimenting with breakfasts too as I feel porridge is too heavy for this time of year – having said that I’m hoping to try out some “overnight” bircha style oats soon! I’ve been enjoying pancakes with fresh fruit and agave nectar (these are ready made perfect for a quick pre-work dash) and my favourite organic deli for their cappucino and their bran, carrot walnut and raisin muffin! this was a post AM workout treat and I just had to get a pic – it was still warm from the oven !

photo (76)

photo (71)

I have been drinking more coconut water too – its something I’m used to from summer holidays in Sri Lanka (and as a kid I *hated*) but am finding it super refreshing post work out! I found this new brand which tastes so amazingly fresh and authentic I close my eyes and I’m 16 holding my coconut with a straw!!

photo (67)

The weather has been great in London and I’ve been trying to spend more time outdoors – on Sunday I went for a lovely walk/jog in the National Park just opposite our flat hidden away behind the industrial estate! I absolutely love this place and I cannot wait to get started on more 5K training (more on that soon…!)

photo (74)

photo (70)

I have also been loving fresh fruit! as I am on weightwatchers one of the best things about it is that all fruit and vegetables is zero points! that means you can have as much as you want! we have been taking advantage of all the wonderful fresh fruit this season My husband and I adore cherries now as our “go-to” sweet treat, and cannot forget the good ol’ pink lady!

photo (65)

photo (62)

So as you can see… lots of lovely summer changes! things are moving forward fo’shizzle!!

How has your summer been?

What have you been loving?


3 thoughts on “Summer Lovin’

  1. Lucy @ Lucy On The Lookout says:

    Love all the food piccies, especially that muffin, yums! Congratulations on coming runner up – well deserved no doubt, and how cute with the flowers too… LOVE the t-shirt (it’s so right as a fellow geek 😉 ) and so glad you’re finding strength training so helpful (I really need to jump on that wagon…) and that you’re doing fabulously with your new-found clarity. I am appreciating our summer days too, and trying to make the most of them with lots of outdoorsy walks on the heath! I think I saw the ‘garnish and go’ fish fillets on TV and they seemed like a great idea, I do something similar with M&S cooks’ menu chicken fillets which are already marinated, it just makes life SO much easier whilst still being healthy at the same time. Thanks for the update Grace, will speak soon x

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