August Round Up


Hi lovelies

So this blog has always been about my journey towards goal – the express motorways, the winding country lanes, the stuck in back to back traffic kind of journeys of all shapes and sizes. I have been “officially” on this journey for 2 years and 5 months. I started off my blogging on the weight watcher boards where I still try to be a part of the community, but last year I decided to venture out into the real blogging world where I could be a little more expressive.

So – things are not going very well at the moment. I have not weighed myself in a month (and by that i mean official weightwatchers weigh in) however a sneak peek at home shows a 2lb gain since my last weigh in. That is a total gain of 10 lb since the beginning of 2013. That is hella scary. That is a stone over my lowest weight, and a mere stone under my highest weight.

My difficulties mainly stem from my alternate focus that has speckled my weight loss journey since I started. I have been on post graduate training for the last 3 years, and every 3-6months I have had a post graduate exam.. and with every exam has come additional stress, and stress eating. I’ve seen a pattern in my weight loss/gain and STS directly relating to my exams – surprise surprise. For a while I was able to not gain during exam times, but this year with 3 exams back to back with only 3 months inbetween the weight has crept on.

My day and intentions seem to start off well, but after a long hard days work I come home crashing in a tired heap of mess on the sofa – and feel I “deserve” a lovely indulgent, non-pointed/tracked “off the record” meal. That coupled with reduced making the time time for gym workouts = bloated, unhappy not so good phat.

I realise that there is a part of me that is resisting the weight loss journey right now – maybe because I feel it is too much to handle all at once with my looming exams.

Resistance is when we unconsciously are not ready to accept change which might manifest itself in behaviour which impedes the desired progress.

It has been a long and winding journey and since my GCSEs over 10 years ago – I have known of nothing but a life with exams and studying.

I have learnt that I do not cope well with stress – and i tend to take the stress out on myself, over eating, a habit i learned as a teenager and am still it seems holding on to.

… but that is all it is – a bad childhood habit that i need and WANT to break free from.

I don’t want this stress eating to dictate my life. I don’t want it to carve my future.
This may be my last exam but it won’t be the last time I experience stress in my life. Having a family, new house, new job, new responsibilities will all bring on additional stress.

2 weeks today will be my (touch wood) last ever post graduate exam.
The last ever exam of my life. No more books, no more revision sessions, no more anything.
no more weight loss excuses

i have made a vow to myself (and to you guys) to do my best to stay calm, focussed and happy for the next two weeks. To try and watch my eating (especially my dinners) to get to the gym and go to a few fun classes, and to try and not gain any more weight in the next two weeks.

This is not a quick fix and I’m not going to lose 60+ lb in 2 weeks (!!!)

But I am going to do the best i can, not make myself ill for the sake of an exam, and as soon as this bad boy is over I’m setting fire to ALL my notes and converting the study room into a crafts sewing luxury lounge!!! heeheehee

any advice for handling stress / stress eating?
wish me luck! see you on the other side


5 thoughts on “August Round Up

  1. lookinglassblog says:

    I struggle with stress eating too! It’s the most depressing thing. My main issue is I can’t just have ‘one’ of something, if I have one biscuit I’ll eat the whole packet. The only things I’ve found that distract me are removing myself from temptation and going for a walk/swim until the craving pass but often I’m too tired to do this so I’ll just plonk myself down on the sofa and succumb. If you find anything that works I’d love to know! And good luck πŸ™‚

  2. PoPpy @ Persistence Over Perfectionp says:

    Eeek your last exam – you must be excited/relieved/scared/stressed all at once! The first thing I would say here is that it’s nice to see you cutting yourself some slack and not being so hard on yourself. You can and will do this, but sometimes other things have to come first. Things that have helped me with tackling stress/emotional eating have been: Plan ahead – you are far more likely to stick to eating a healthy meal if you have planned what you’re going to have in advance, Plan some ‘cheats’ – try and predict when you may be feeling a little deprived and plan in a treat that doesn’t blow the whole week (try banana ‘ice cream’!), Get some ‘me’ time – relaxation is very important at times of stress and you shouldn’t spend every waking hour revising, Get enough sleep – enough said!, Remember that just like when you’re ill, eating healthy will always make you feel good, eating badly won’t. The joy and happiness you get from an untracked off the record meal are short lived and swiftly followed by guilt…is it really worth it? If you’re craving something can you have just a little, or find a healthier compromise?

    Good luck, you can do it…and if it’s too hard then it’s only two weeks πŸ™‚

    Now if only I could follow my own advice…!


  3. Emma @ Fork and Good says:

    Calm and focussed is the way to go. The more relaxed I am about food and what i “should” and “shouldn’t” be eating the more naturally focussed i am towards my goals. I hope this works for you too, and feel awesome to boot πŸ™‚ GOOD LUCK!!! πŸ˜€

  4. Lucy @ Lucy On The Lookout says:

    Lovely lady, I hope revision is going well, 2 weeks is not far away (hope that comment doesn’t scare you!) and I’m glad you feel you can approach your new chapter with a newly found vigour and clarity. As for stress eating, I hear you 10000% and it is something I am susceptible to (along with emotional eating). Since starting my new position (more on this when I finally get round to sending you an e-mail), firstly can I say I admire you about a gazillion times more, and secondly my eating went for a while completely out of whack and I can really imagine that it must be the same for you as the work is (even just subconsciously) emotionally-touching stuff. As for dealing with stress/stress-eating, I find allowing myself to exercise (but not being too hard on myself as to how often I have to go etc.) helpful to blow away the stress and sluggish cobwebs. And find yoga/meditation/walks/chill time some of the most useful tools. Keeping my fingers crossed for your exam lovely!

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