Today is the first day of the rest of my life

Hi everyone

My exam is well and truly OVER. It was the big one, the exam to end all exams, the final frontier! 3 months are slave labour and library sweats nights and weekends I (hope) have and will pay off…. there is a just under a month wait for the results but in my mind its over – finito – au revoir!


I’m absolutely SHATTERED. I feel like every ounce of energy has drained away from my cheeks. I put my absolute ALL into this exam, and not just this exam but pretty much every exam I’ve done since my GCSEs OVER 10 YEARS ago! I cried on the morning of my exam; sort of tears of relief, anger, and nerves. I realised how much my post grad exams have taken from me mentally, physically, emotionally. It has been just a long journey with highs as well as lows. I have no regrets and I’m so proud of my academic achievements, but at the same time I’m now at a place in my life when I realise grades and overachieving isn’t everything.

Perfection is so overated

TODAY is the first day of the rest of my LIFE! I am turning over a new leaf, and beginning a brand new exciting chapter in my life!

So today I went out and got a whole lot of goodies for myself – some benefit make up! some sexy lingerie, sewing bits and bobs and yankee candles. Exciting!! Its wierd – I feel i have to go study now lol !! I also deleted my Facebook account. I realised it does nothing but hold me back, encourage me to compare myself with others (aka stalking) and FB politics, and breed negativity. I also don’t need daily updates about everyone i vaguley know getting pregnant/having babies! it just makes me feel rubbish and distracts me from my  personaljourney!

I’ve decided to focus my energies and time now on getting myself healthy inside and out – focussing on my exercise and healthy eating journey. I have relatively few distractions now and I know that I can put everything that i have been practiced here and there and see some real results if I can now be consistent, focussed and discplined! 

I’m going to be updating the blog much more regularly to be accountable for my weight loss journey – I have a lot to lose so wish me luck!!

I’m also very thrilled to share the great news that I’m joining a beginners 0-5k running group!! I will be joining the aweosome Liz Goodchild in OCTOBER and I’m excited about the thought of being able to jog a 5k before my 29th Birthday in December! Its something i can commit to and I’m so excited to be meeting new like minded people that live locally throughout the process!



4 thoughts on “Today is the first day of the rest of my life

  1. Lucy @ Lucy On The Lookout says:

    Gosh lovely, I got a little well up of emotions just from reading this! Partly because of how much of yourself you’ve put into these exams, and also thinking myself of the time I’ll complete my “exam to end all exams”, which is less than 2 years away and already the idea petrifies me! Because, let’s be honest, studying your ass off AND working at the same time is SO draining, and I (like you have experienced) end up sacrificing a big part of myself (including my health most of the time) to do it! So I can’t imagine the utter relief you have now that it’s all over 🙂 I’m so happy and excited for you and your new chapter in your life!! I also totally get that post-exam “what?! no more revision?!” sort-of-anticlimax and lack of routine but doing little things to take care of yourself like a little pampering is definitely the way to go 🙂

    Woohoo about quitting fb!! I hope you find it helpful. I actually quit over 2 years ago (it was after a difficult break up and I couldn’t bear to see all these lovely photos of me as a couple which was no more, and other couples all loved up! Oh, the comparison game!) with the idea of returning shortly but I felt SO great without it that I continued… And what is apparent is that the people who care about you, and those you care about will most definitely stay in touch via other mediums! I actually felt “ready” to return to fb and tried it out for a couple of days, but felt so overwhelmed by the new layout that I quit again hehe 😉 I also definitely agree that quitting so that you aren’t inundated by photos of people having babies etc (in my case it was tonnes of people getting married!!), it really isn’t conducive to where you are now and where you want to be!

    Last but not least, hooray for your running group! I’m sure you’ll be in good hands with Liz!

    Can’t wait to hear more on your journey… And feel free to conk out and recuperate for a long while and we can arrange a get together at some point once you’ve recovered! Much love x

  2. Ffion says:

    What is it you’ve been studying? Good luck with your results! Most importantly, good luck with the rest of your life 🙂 I’m looking forwards to hearing more from you, I am also hoping to start running more!

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