Life catch up

Hi everyone!

Its wonderful to be blogging again – after I declared that that day was the first day of the rest of my life, well, it certainly was! I decided to make some major changes not just in what I do, but the way I think and feel about things in general too. I certainly wasn’t an overnight wave your magic wand kind of transformation, its more chipping away at the ice block that was my life – letting the sun shine in and melt the bad habits away! 

i don’t want to bore you with essays but here is a bit of a summary of what I have been doing

  • I deactivated my facebook account. As once a person that was constantly on my news feed and the “like” brigade, its been uber liberating to not know what anyone is doing and, sort of, not really caring either… 
  • Making the effort to make real time connections with people – telephone, emails, coffees, dinners… it has been great to catch up with old friends in the flesh
  • Quality family time – spending time with my husband, and lots of family parties (my in laws Ruby Wedding Anniversary and my Nieces 1st bday party)
  • Sewing/crafting/reading/cooking … I made myself a funky oyster travel card holder/phone holder which, although is a bit rough around the edges I adore because I made it on my sewing machine on a lovely relaxed Saturday Morning
  • Working out! I’ve found without revising (and facebook) distractions I have more time!!! go figure?? i have been zumba-ing to my hearts desire about 3 times a week, gyming it hard, and even went to my first Pilates class.
  • Rejoined my local Weight watcher meetings. For me propoints system just works and to have the real person support and weekly weigh in accountability – I have actually enjoyed keeping a food diary and keeping myself in control of my eating through it
  • RESTING. this has been the hardest thing for me – I never realised what a workaholic I kinda was! Having spent the best part of a year in and out the library out of hours, I have enjoyed doing absolutely jack all after work… its actually *awesome*

I’m starting to slowly but surely accept this new found person in me that is active and enjoys eating healthy with nothing holding her back – it hasn’t been easy – today was especially difficult as I had to face the dreaded “all you can eat buffet” family reunion lunch… but on the whole I am in a much better place mentally and physically. I am learning to pick myself up quicker when I slip, and not “beat myself up” about the mistakes I make. I’m learning to be my own best friend which is pretty cool!


So this week ahead is going to be really busy but I am going to push myself and make sure I get my workouts in and stay in control of my eating! and very very exciting news is that next Sunday I begin with the Rookie Runners!!! I’m so excited about this, albeit a bit nervous and petrified!!! I’m hoping that i will get close to running a 5k before Xmas with their help, and to meet some like minded souls along the way too through jogging 🙂




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