Looking forward



hi lovelies

well it has been nearly a month since I last blogged – time is literally flying and with the countdown to Christmas it seems to be on fast forward! 

I thought I would just check in and say hello – unfortunately i had to restore my phone which had all my wonderful photographs from various adventures that were for the blogs, all vanished! i am sure there must be a way to retrieve all those captured moments, but for now I’m back to the drawing board. 

I’m thankful for some happy coincidences/fate/whatever that has happened in the last few months. I feel like the stars have aligned themselves and now energy is really beginning to flow. As most of you will know I found out some wonderful news a few months ago I passed the final of my post graduate examinations – but that was not the last hoop to jump. The next biggie stress were the dreaded job interviews. Well, they happened in November and I was extremely fortunate to get my first choices in both applications I had made in London! Result!! 


But enough about that – I notice that I talk about my career a bit too much on a health and fitness blog, ha! 

I’m thankful that in recent months my fitness and weight loss efforts are taking shape, literally. I’m getting into a lovely rhythm of running, yoga and zumba – my holy trinity 😛 I have been doing this pretty much consistently over the last few months and i have just adored the practice of it and the energy I get from each activity is totally different. Zumba appeals to the “old” vivacious me that loves to shake it on the dancefloor 😉 running constantly challenges my self perception (I’m now on my final week of the 5k group – omg!) and yoga has just grounded me in a way I never thought possible. I am keen to encooperate strength training and kettle bells again into my work out routine which I will gradually build in after Christmas.

My food choices has also been better. I have been making a great effort to track and eat clean healthy unprocessed foods but it is still a challenge to get the balance right and to remain disciplined. I try to focus on the simple things (drink more water, eat more veg, control my portions) to make that mountain feel more like baby steps. I have lost 10pounds since my heaviest weight this year, which is a HUGE achievement for me. Sometimes my mind gets stuck in the negative thought that if only i started this journey at school/uni/before i got married… even last year –  It is too easy to compare myself to this time last year when I was a whole 14 lb lighter, but i realise that self comparison only leads to disappointment, doubt and self pity – qualities that will NOT get me to my goal any quicker !!! I am learning to treat myself with unconditional love and respect, because hot Daymn! I deserve it!! The important thing is I’ve STARTED – I’m on this journey and I am not going anywhere !! 

Now that my job is secure without dreaded night shifts and unsocial hours it is a great incentive to finally get used to some stability in my life. I have been so used to being constantly on the move and never setting a real weekly routine. As I look forward to 2014, the year I turn 30, I am to really perfect my organisation and routines. I want to spend more time exercising, more time meal prepping, and getting into a routine about looking after myself and my home. 


things I’m loving right now…

finding a planet organic near my workplace // home made winter broths // my birthday coming up on Xmas Eve organising a lovely night out! // knitting projects on the go // spending quality time with my husband for his 30th this weekend // inspiring twitter+instagram finds // princes new song “breakfast can wait” – sexy! // my cadburys advent calender



3 thoughts on “Looking forward

  1. Lucy @ Lucy On The Lookout says:

    Oh lovely, I’m SO glad things are working out superbly for you and happy for your weight loss and consistency with fitness since things have settled post-exams – you are totally on a roll and ace-ing it! I love how you describe how each activity brings you something positive too 🙂 And the fact that you overcame your worries about running, and that you just went for it (and are now where you hoped to be!!) Please can we go out and shake it on the dance floor in London one time?

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