My top tips for a groovy weightloss journey


Hi everyone! Do you like the little update did on the colour/font? the previous one was driving me m a d but I finally figured out how to make it kinder to the eye (it wasn’t as hard as I imagined)

This year will mark 3 years (geez!) of me trying to actively lose weight – i say “actively” because I’ve struggled with my weight for many more years but was very passive, if at all, about it. I have lost a total of 30lb (just over 2 stone). Unfortunately last year with life stress I gained about half of that loss but I’m now getting back on track and the weight is coming off again – at last!

Now I don’t claim to be an expert but I’ve tried and tested a LOT and realise I probably underestimate my experience in this area! I thought it would be great to highlight some things that have helped me, hopefully to help/inspire others in similar positions of feeling stuck in a rut with their weight.

find something you like….
This is huge! I like a lot of people spent months “diet-surfing”. I wanted to try every fad/philosophy going from paleo to GI to dukkan to 5:2. Its so tempting to hop on & hop off the diet bus, ever being a spectator but never getting stuck in. The truth is that rather then thinking of things as concretely as “either this works OR that” – its probably more a bit of “both/and”. Maybe for you a unique blend of paleo and low GI works? or raw diet and 5:2… you know yourself best. When you find something you enjoy and can be consistent with/realistically follow with your lifestyle – then commit to it 100% ! I know during my “not sure what to do” phase I was totally overwhelmed and ended up opting out! (the same can be said for exercise) For me, I’m following weightwatchers with its simplestart (filling and healthy) ethos focussing on fresh low GI foods.

….and COMMIT to it!
There are so many ways to stay committed! Keeping a personal diary is a great start, tracking all your meals and exercises is awesome because it helps you to stay accountable with yourself. You might like to share your journey with a friend/family member (I go to weightwatcher meetings where I weigh in) which is also good as it can help it feel more “real” if someone else knows. Social Media Community is amazeballs – my favourite is instagram (im a visual person) and just hashtag “weightloss” “fitness” etc and you will find people! (you can add me @goodphat) When you are having a bad day and want to give up, you can flick through motivation from around the world – its great and has certainly helped me get through the tough times!

Also commitment means believing in what you are doing! I sometimes imagine i’m part of a new “fitfam” club – fake it until you make it right! I CHOOSE to fill my mind with the good stuff and info, talk to people on similar journeys. I like to motivate myself by having nice workout clothes, healthy helpful apps on my phone, a pumping music playlist for the gym, going to gym classes, and talking about my weightloss efforts to friends and family that will listen!.. I was super embarassed before, but in the last year I’ve become more vocal – I’ve realised that wanting to be a healthier person is nothing to be ashamed of!

Plan your meals/life with a Meal/life Plan
argh. Meal Plan. yes yes. we get it. If you follow other similar blogs/vlogs in the community this is a BIG THING. Some people go to such lengths as to tupperware up their Bfast/lunch/dinner +snacks for 7 days on a Sunday (thats over 50 meals!)… personally I’m way too disorganised and spontaneous to do that! It is a work in progress but I start off with planning my breakfasts keeping it consistent, which is easily do-able as It tends to not change much. Then I got into a habit of taking lunch into work, and planning it in advance (summer I went for big salads in tupperware box, winter I have preferred soups with a snack). On a good day I plan for snacks (fruit, chocolate covered rice cake for sweet cravings and posh low cal popcorn for salt cravings). If you do that even, leaving dinner to “chance” – thats still 2/3 of your daily calorie intake sorted! go you!

In practical terms I food plan twice a week (usually Wednesdays and Sundays) having half a week to “Get right” as it were feels more achievable! I usually coincide it with a food shop, making sure I have what i need to get me through a few days especially all my fresh veggies!

(FYI I also plan my activity on Sundays and Wednesdays with my meal plan, checking up when my favourite classes are on and carving out time I can hit up the gym – every little bit helps!)

It ain’t over ’till the fat lady sings!
Motivation can be a double edge sword, the one thing we crave the most can make us super envy too. You know that feeling, flicking through blogs/tumblr/instagram and you see all these people with their pert butts and thigh gaps. You tell yourself wow I wish I could look like that – for some its a huge kick to actually get going and continue with their journey, but for others it could be enough to wallow under the duvet with chocolate in self pity thinking “i’ll never look as good as them whats the point”. Its important to understand yourself and what helps you and more importantly what hinders you. I gave up facebook for a while because I just found reading about others wasn’t helping me achieve MY goals. I strongly believe that since I kicked my newsfeed my weightloss journey has been so much better!

The truth is there will be PLENTY of distractions in life – exams, work, relationships, children, family, parties, health… some will come from where you least expect it and at the worst time too. Its much easier to focus on this journey when the waters of your life are calmer (not when your not moving house, sitting exams, newly married, just like how i started 3 years ago!) however don’t wait for the “perfect” moment to get started. Carpe Diem Dudes!

BE PROUD OF YOURSELF because you could just not bother (really you could – I did for about 25 years!) every day of trying is a success, and even if you do “mess up” (we ALL do) just “draw that line” and start again. I write in my journal/on my blog or sometimes just get a piece of paper and do this:


I literally draw a line, and I start again.
Everything OVER the line is old news! I start afresh, clear my head, and keep going.

What are your tips for losing weight/getting on track?
I hope this is helpful!

love Grace x-x-x


3 thoughts on “My top tips for a groovy weightloss journey

  1. PoPpy @ Persistence Over Perfection says:

    Loving the new look! This is a great post, and I’m sure people will find it really useful. I totally agree with your points on planning ahead – especially if you’re part of a couple. As Mr PoP won’t always eat the same as me, he’s a bit fussier, I find ute better to plan ahead with him at the weekend, that way we can easily identify trouble spots and work around them by adapting a meal or making something else for him, so that I don’t get totally derailed! There must be something about the new year buzz because I was also planning to write a post along these lines in the coming weeks! Strange huh! Have a good week, keep up the fab work 🙂

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